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Yaira Matos
Oct 09, 2021
In Astro Baddie ✨
Hi everyone! So I have Venus conjunct Chiron in Libra, Capricorn 7th House and Aries South Node. I am a very friendly and loving person, but carry a complete terror of being in long term romantic partnership. The fear feels so deep and powerful and I can’t quite move out of it. I think maybe the spell last night is bringing it top of mind for me. I fear someone will come in and destroy my life, bring chaos and not understand me which will make the relationship difficult. i logically know how to address these fears, but my body is really stuck in some kind of trauma response to the idea of being in a relationship. Any tips for how to heal this? I have bought almost all of the healing audios so open to using those as well.

Yaira Matos

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