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Vanessa T.
Oct 06, 2021
In Astro Baddie ✨
This retrograde is fully kicking my ass . There’s all this work drama going on & Im so done. It feels like I’m fighting an uphill battle against everyone. I’m ready to just go to HR and sing like a canary and be done with it all. Deep down I hate being seen as the ‘problematic’ one and everyone just giving me the ‘just back down’ eyes. My head is pounding as I type this. I just feel so misunderstood & alone and like Im failing everything around me, work, school, relationship. Damn I’m just in my feels, i feel so ungrounded that I literally feel like I’m floating at night when I close my eyes, and not in a good way. Im part of the daily retrograde grounding , but I feel like I need something more to get my mind right. Thanks community ✨

Vanessa T.

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