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Bro my dreams are tearing my throat up
In What's going on??
Oct 08, 2021
Hey hey, I think the fact that you notice your dreams always start off peaceful is significant and can mean that you’re noticing you’re ok and at ease until something particular happens, that particular thing taking you from a place of peace would be what the other symbols and emotions mean in the dream. I’m getting that you seeing yourself is you being aware of what’s causing this disruption to ur peace and could be that you would benefit from more self reflection, maybe journaling or someway to express yourself since the throat is such a prominent factor in the dream. It’s like you need to confront some parts of yourself that may be hurting you or not benefiting you and be honest about the parts that you may be stuffing away. The fish symbolize vitality, abundance, and progress. I think the fact that your throat is being affected the way it is by you eating the fish represent you not believing you can manifest your goals. I’m also getting that you hold yourself back from really owning what you want, like you won’t even admit it to yourself or pursue your goals and desires. Also that you may believe you can’t and aren’t making the progress you want when it comes to your personal growth. And you may be abandoning your goals because of fear of what other ppl may think. The fish bone itself as a symbol, different from what the fish represents, is about enlightenment and rejuvenation. Eating in itself represents having this hunger for something ,could be physical or emotional. Eating also represents being aware of what you’re consuming and how it’s affecting you. So you seeing yourself is you being aware that you have this hunger for enlightenment. This hunger to discover parts of your personality, but there’s a part of you that is also aware that you’re holding yourself back from doing it. I think you feel that sensation in your throat when you wake up because you’re not allowing yourself to discover more parts of your personality through expression, whether that’s expression to yourself and or others. Like just letting words roll off your tongue could help you realize that you’re funny or super helpful or something. I also feel this is closely tied to your abilities and purpose, like you may not realize it but your words and how you express them could be a gift of yours and be really helpful to others. I also think this is your higher self trying to reach you and wants you to be more aware. I’m hearing give yourself more credit and don’t give up. I can be long winded but I hope this helps lol.


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