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Beauty Bomb

Beauty Bomb

Enhance your beauty and blur your imperfections with glamour and beauty magic by using our Beauty Bomb candle. Created with rose oil, rose petals, and rose gold, our beauty bomb candle will make sure you turn heads wherever you go! 

  • Instructions:

    Light your candle in the room of your home that is most frequently occupied. Allow to burn at least 1 hour when lit for the first time. This will allow the beauty energy to spread throughout your home.


    DO NOT BLOW the candle out, always use a candle snuffer or candle lid to snuff your candle. This will preserve the intentions infused into your candle. 

  • Candle Specifications:

    7oz candle. Soy candle with fragrance (notes of pear and pomegranate), herbs, and rose gold.

  • Disclaimer:

    All of the items on this site are sold as curios only. Rich Girl Magic makes no claims or guarantees any supernatural or magical qualities for any products. Products are for entertainment purposes only.

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