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Weekly AstroScopes: Week of October 31st-November 6th 2021


The spooky vibes are on as we immerse ourselves deeper in Scorpio season. Mars has left the sign of its detriment and is now comfortably moving through the deep waters of its sultry home sign.

On Hallow’s eve, Libra Mercury will trine Aqua Jupiter for the third and final time since September. This trine is particularly significant because much like the October 3rd trine, it is happening at the critical 22 degrees, except this time, both planets are now direct. Think back on conversations you were having on October 3rd while Mercury and Jupiter were retrograde. Something about that situation will come full circle and reach resolution. With the moon trining Uranus, we’re feeling cavalier but strategic about how we approach our emotional expressions.

Words cut deep in the early part of the week as Mercury squares Pluto, inviting controversy and likely uncovering some inconvenient truths. This energy will culminate on November 4th, when in the early morning the Scorpio new moon squares Saturn before conjuncting the sun. The new moon is happening at the Pisces-ruled 12 degree and is opposite the planet of sudden disruptions, Uranus.

The following day, Venus enters Capricorn, kicking off the Venus retrograde pre-shadow period. The planet of love and harmony will be in hardworking Capricorn until March 6, 2022. During its lengthy sojourn, it will be asking us to revisit the foundation and structure of our relationships and re-evaluate how we define commitments. With that said, before it begins moving backwards, it will be sextiling the sun in Scorpio for the next three weeks, thereby giving us an opportunity to begin a powerful transformation of our values that will help us approach this upcoming retrograde on sturdier ground.

Aries Sun/Aries Rising: It is a season of profound transformation, Aries. This week, you’ll find yourself shedding a lot of dead weight that’s been keeping your free-loving spirit from soaring. You’re making some waves at work on Monday, fueled by a desire to effectively streamline your tasks to better advance your career. You could be feeling some cognitive dissonance between your day-to-day life and ideals that you don’t feel you’re honoring the way you should. Your cardinal nature will help you usher in the changes needed so long as you stay on top of your tasks and stick to the plan you’ve made. Thursday’s new moon is cranking up the volume in the sexy department but its opposition to Uranus is cautioning you against risky moves that could cost you. Embrace that fire within but make sure it doesn’t overtake your judgement. As the week draws to a close, you’re able to transmute these intense emotions into constructive conversations that transform your relationships for the better.

Taurus Sun/Taurus Rising: You’re reconciling your need to expand creatively with a desire to broaden your horizons at the start of this week, Taurus. Scorpio season is putting the emphasis on your ability to relate to others. On Sunday, your focus is on your home space. You’re feeling the urge to make some big changes around the house, and you’re getting much needed support from a partner. With that said, be sure to have open conversations about shared resources as there could be some tension beneath the surface in that area of life. As you move through the week, the new moon is hyping up the drama in your relationships, and with wild card Uranus involved, be wary of sudden outbursts that could be the result of overblown suspicions. Things settle down a little on Saturday. You’re finding the right words to express your ideals and the direction you want to take your life and relationship in. The optimism brought on by the Sag moon’s trine to Chiron is gently nudging you to address the elephant in the room with regards to intimacy.

Gemini Sun/Gemini Rising: A household matter asks you to balance out expenditures while causing a bit of friction with a partner. As one of the sharpest minds of the zodiac, your ability to reconcile the situation is helped by your way with words. Speak your emotions and don’t be afraid to lean into the power of the intimate bond you share with your loved one to overcome any tension that might rise to the surface. The new moon might exacerbate some underlying health issues that have been dormant. You could be feeling a little burnt-out and someone at work could be pressuring youto go against principles. Stay grounded in your intuition to be aware of any potential power plays. The end of the week has you more relaxed and enjoying some intimate moments with your loved one.

Cancer Sun/Cancer Rising: At the start of the week, you’re speaking truth to power encouraged by a partner who sees eye to eye with you. Though information uncovered that day may disrupt your daily routine, it’ll help you face the week more grounded in your roots. The new moon is lighting a fire in your romance sector. There could be friction that finds its source in your friend circle. Be wary of subtle mind games and lean into your intuition as you discern bad faith players from the good ones. The end of the week sees Venus entering your house of partnerships where it’ll spend the next few months inviting some reflection and discussions around the past and the ways in which it should guide your future.

Leo Sun/Leo Rising: Monday’s mood has you feeling yourself at work, Leo. This boost of confidence has you putting in extra effort but might be at odds with your desire to frolic with a significant other. The new moon dampens the mood with some drama surrounding your home life, potentially inflamed by a sudden disruption at work. As Venus begins its journey in your house of daily routine and lifestyle, you’ll be busy reviewing your routine and rethinking ways to optimize your health. With the Sag moon trining Chiron, a creative project might help address some blocks regarding your principles and higher mind.

Virgo Sun/Virgo Rising: The start of the week has everyone at home looking to you as the captain of this ship. You’re troubleshooting situations in your family like the problem-solving genius that you are. Careful not to take out all your emotions out on a loved one! The new moon brings harsh words and potential volatile arguments that are clashing with your ideals. While you may be someone who finds fulfillment in service to others, make sure the compromises you make are not at the expense of your principles. By the end of the week, simmer down by enjoying pleasant but deep conversations with a partner and indulge in romance. The Sag moon’s trine to Chiron is encouraging you to use your quality time to heal some issues surrounding intimacy and shared resources.

Libra Sun/Libra Rising: You’re feeling introverted on Monday, Libra, preferring to stay at home and work out some emotions you haven't had a chance to address yet. You’ll feel the urge to speak up about them but be wary of subconsciously projecting your trauma on the people you’re interacting with. The new moon hits at the heart of your values and personal finances. With its opposition to Uranus, you could be blindsided by an unforeseen expense, so make sure you stay on top of your budget and watch for excessive spending. Saturday prompts you to do a thorough review of household budgets. The Sag moon’s trine to Chiron is an opportunity to address some fears or concerns you might have around committed relationships.

Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Rising: You’re finding a lot of enthusiasm and support amongst friends who are nudging you to get out of your shell and explore your surroundings more than you normally would on this fine Monday, Scorpio. But as you’re out and about, make sure you’re grounded in your emotions and avoid overspending. Thursday’s new moon is making you the main character of the week. Happening in your first house and opposing Uranus currently in your house of committed partnerships, it portends potential upsets that could bleed into your home environment. Things simmer down by week’s end as you’re finding the right words to fully express what’s in your heart.

Sagittarius Sun/ Sagittarius Rising: Your goals and dreams are receiving encouraging energy from your piggy bank this Monday, Sagittarius. As you’re moving forward with implementing your plans, check in with yourself and make sure your goals are in perfect alignment with your authenticity. Thursday’s new moon is hinting at some necessary endings; though they may be erratic and unpleasant, something about your day-to-day life will be changing abruptly. Focus on what you want to build with this new chapter and leave what no longer serves you behind without so much as a second look. The end of the week sees you introspective and a little wistful as you start to find new ways to redefine your personal values.

Capricorn Sun/ Capricorn Rising: You start the week feeling boisterous about your ideals, Cap. But as you’re pushed to assert yourself there’s a faint voice in the background tugging at you and asking you to take a step back. Parse out your emotions to get to the bottom of what has you feeling conflicted about your moves. The new moon on Wednesday is unearthing some hidden issues that come bubbling to the surface with regards to your friendships. Be open to the conversations and try not to get derailed by a sense of pride that could sabotage your ability to creatively problem-solve. By the end of the week, you’ll find that words come easy and help propel you to the forefront amidst your friends.

Aquarius Sun/ Aquarius Rising: Your dreams are pushing you to do some deep emotional work on Monday, Aqua. Pay attention to the messages you might be getting in your sleep; they can help you uncover certain hidden problems in your daily life involving your friend circle that you hadn’t noticed. On Thursday, the new moon shines a bright spotlight on your goals and ambitions. Some shake-ups in your home life could derail your plans, and with a square to Saturn in the mix, you’re feeling a lot of pressure. As Venus begins its journey in the part of your chart that rules your subconscious, you could be starting the next leg of your healing journey over the next few months. The end of the week is a good time to write down and reflect on the issues you would like to address as you begin this deep work.

Pisces Sun/ Pisces Rising: You’re feeling the love from your partner and your friends this Monday, Pisces, and it’s helping you ride an uncomfortable wave that has you conflicted about your goals. Wednesday’s new moon is disrupting some travel plans that might have been in the works. Alternatively, you’re finding trouble communicating your ideals, which might be getting suppressed by an inability to tap into the subconscious reasons creating these blocks. It would be a good idea to recommit to a meditation practice to help lift some of that mental fog. By Saturday, you’re finding comfort being around friends, and the Sag moon’s trine to Chiron is nudging you to address some wounds around self-worth.

Lara Atallah, @astrolots

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