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Weekly AstroScopes: Week of October 24th- October 30th, 2021

Astro Vibe of the Week:

Hello and welcome to phoenix season. It’s that time of the year where we begin the process of taking stock of our year and drafting out plans for the year to come. Scorpio SZN is here, and it’s asking us to tap into our inner alchemist. A fixed sign co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpio is about getting cozy with our own darkness, delving deep into our personal triggers, and transforming the dustiest corners of ourselves by safely integrating them into the person we are becoming.

We start off on Sunday, October 24 with the Gemini moon trining Mercury and opposing Venus. We’re able to put our feelings in words but might feel inconvenienced by the way this might impact our relationships. On Monday the Gemini moon wraps up its transit by trining Mars, encouraging us to take decisive steps towards concretizing our goals.

Tension could erupt on Wednesday with the Cancer moon opposing Pluto. There could be drama pitting our private and public lives against each other. With Libra Mars squaring that axis, the winning strategy lies in leaning into problem-solving by meeting concerned parties halfway. Aim for mediation as opposed to fanning the flames of whatever conflict could erupt.

The week ends on a joyful note with the uplifting Leo moon trining a Sag Venus and sextiling a Libra Mercury. Find comfort in exploring something outside of your purview with a partner or a close friend.

Aries Sun/Aries Rising: The start of the week has you feeling chatty and enterprising. Your emotions are in sync with your thoughts and you’re finding the right words to express your ideals. Come Monday, you’re putting your money where your mouth is, but careful not to get carried away chasing after mirages. This week’s Venus sextile to Jupiter is helping you open long-coveted doors. Lean into your community. They will help bring these aspirations to fruition. Thursday’s energy adds a serious and demanding tone to the week. On the 28th, the Leo moon closes the gap between your romantic ideals and your relationship to intimacy. Don’t avoid uncomfortable feelings that come up at this time and know that the inner work done on that day will inch you closer to your most fulfilling path. On the following day, you’ll feel far more aligned with your purpose and reap the rewards of that inner work in your personal relationships. This is just in time for Mars’ ingress in Scorpio that will radically transform the ways in which you explore and express intimacy.

Taurus Sun/ Taurus Rising: You got your eyes on your bag this Sunday, Taurus. The Gemini moon trines Mercury, inviting big ideas that could bolster your income. But with the moon also opposing Venus, you could be feeling a little uneasy about your finances, or hesitant about making big moves. Recognize when to re-assess a plan that isn’t a built on solid foundations versus a plan that is bold but has you feeling uneasy because it pushes you outside of your comfort zone. By Monday, Mars adds fuel to your fire, greenlighting your plans. Wednesday, there’s tension around the things you say and the way they’re not fully aligning with your bigger picture. The square to Mars is pushing you to speak up and stop walking on eggshells. The week ends with a focus on your home life. You could be moving or redecorating your space. And with Mercury now direct, plans are lining up smoothly.

Gemini Sun/ Gemini Rising: The moon is in your sign and trines mercury on Sunday, and you start off the week on a confident note, Gemini. You’re feeling confident about your creative potential and making plans to move forward with big ideas. Monday brings forward momentum, making itgood day to start implementing your creative ideas. As you move through the week, a financial situation might crop up around Wednesday, putting obstacles in your way. Tap into your creative energy and your mutable quality to see your way out of any conflict with your signature dexterity. By Friday, the Leo moon has you finding inspiration in your neighborhood or your immediate surroundings.

Cancer Sun/ Cancer Rising: The week starts on an introspective note, and as the moon trines Mercury, you’ll feel inspired to meditate on your goals and speak on your aspirations. It’s also a good day to do dreamwork if there’s an issue in your waking life that you’re not able to clearly see through. Monday motivates you to start growing the seeds you planted the day before in the area of home and family. You could be in your feelings on Wednesday as your lunar return opposes Pluto, dredging tension around your ability to reconcile your needs with that of a partner. A square to Mars on that day asks you to recommit to your goals and focus on finding common ground with your loved one. The end of the week comes bearing good news on the money front. You could be getting a bump in your salary, but the square to Uranus could spring an unexpected bill, so be sure to not to overspend.

Leo Sun/ Leo Rising: Sunday sees you enjoying your day with your friends. You might be planning an overseas trip together, or you could be contemplating going back to school and relying on your friends’ counsel in that regard. On Monday, you’re speaking passionately about your goals and are driven to go forward. It’s a good day to solidify plans and start paperwork. A melancholic energy has you in your feelings on Wednesday, and work could be a little overwhelming on that day. Make sure to retreat and schedule some time for yourself. By Friday, you’re back to shining your light brightly on everyone around you as the Leo moon is adding extra sparkles to your words and your moves. All eyes will be on you next weekend!

Virgo Sun/ Virgo Rising: The week starts off with a thorough review of your finances, Virgo. Not one prone to reckless spending, you’re making sure that your bag can keep up with your goals and your public image. With the moon opposing Venus in your 4H, you might feel pressure to balance your checkbook between your career expenditures and your family’s immediate needs. That said, the following day’s trine to Mars has you moving forward with a renewed sense of confidence. Wednesday’s tense astro weather has you juggling a creative project and prioritizing networking. The added square to Mars is urging you to take the path that mostly aligns with your personal values. Friday has you retreating away from others and spending quality time with yourself to meditate on your next moves and your evolving values.

Libra Sun/ Libra Rising: The post-retrograde phase is giving you a much-needed second wind, Libra. On Sunday, you’re expanding your horizons and putting a lot of thought into breaking new ground. By Monday, you’re backing up your plans with concrete actions that have you fully embracing your role as captain of your own ship. With that said, as Venus will square Neptune that day, make sure that your communication is crystal clear and beware of accidentally misleading people with lofty statements. On Wednesday, an issue at home with your family is causing turmoil, distracting you from your goals;the moon will be squaring Mars at the Cancer-ruled 28 degree where you feel the impulse to step up and take decisive and definitive action to put an end to the situation once and for all. The following day, Saturn opposes the moon, urging you to prioritize creative endeavors over networking. With the Scorpio sun squaring the moon, there’s a need to ensure you’re keeping tabs on your budget. There could be an urge to overspend on a night out, which will put a dent on your ability to fund your creative endeavors. Come Friday, that pressure lets out and you’re feeling the love with the moon trining Venus at the Aquarius-ruled 23 degree. You could plan a weekend getaway with friends. If you do, make sure to account for the moon squaring Uranus, which could indicate sudden car trouble or disruption related to your transportation.

Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Rising: Happy birthday, Scorpio! After a month spent reflecting on your next steps, the sun is finally illuminating your 1H asking you to put yourself out there! On Sunday, you’re reflecting on subconscious patterns that may inform how you connect with others on an intimate level. As Mercury is now direct, harness the power of the realizations you’ve arrived at during the retrograde to reformulate your approach to your spiritual practice. On Monday, Mars is pushing you to break through these subconscious barriers in order to change the ways you connect with others and approach shared values and resources. Wednesday, the moon in your house of ideals is clashing with the ways you express yourself. A square to Libra reveals that this tension has its roots in your subconscious. Prioritize identifying and healing these patterns. The week ends on a lighter note. Friday’s Leo moon lights up your career section and nudges you to speak on yourself.

Sagittarius Sun/ Sagittarius Rising: You’re keeping to yourself this month, Sag. This is a month of rest and recollection before your season comes around and brightens the mood. On Sunday, you get to spend some quality time with a loved one and there’s an opportunity to approach joint goals together. Monday is for taking inspired action, but make sure that your joint vision is not conflicting with your home life. In the middle of the week, there’s anxiety surrounding your career and finances. There could be a power play being leveraged against you at work. Stay ahead of the game and don’t fall for anyone’s manipulation tactics. Tap into your natural ability to see things from a bird’s eye view and make your moves accordingly. The end of the week brings much needed levity. You could benefit from signing up for a workshop to deepen your knowledge in a specific skill or area of interest.

Capricorn Sun/ Capricorn Rising: With the sun shining a bright light on your house of friendship and community on Sunday, you’re feeling inspired to make bold moves at work to bolster your career in the long run. With the moon opposing Venus, you’re revising some of your bad habits and the ways in which you show up less than effectively in your day-to-day life. Monday’s moon trines Mars and encourages you to make bold moves at work. Play your cards right, and you’ll find the spotlight shines brightly on you. Wednesday’s energy is throwing a wrench in your communication with your partner. You might be asserting yourself in a way that isn’t entirely accounting for their boundaries or their needs. Be open to a conversation that aims to resolve these issues. Friday’s jovial Leo moon has you feeling sexier and more assertive and confident in your moves in public.

Aquarius Sun/ Aquarius Rising: On Sunday, the Gemini moon has you feeling romantic, and as it trines Mercury,your mind is on the bigger picture. A push-pull dynamic has you scattered between a romantic partner and friends. But with the moon trining Mercury, you’re able to sort through your thoughts and keep your priorities in check. The following day, Mars joins the equation further bolstering your beliefs and encouraging you to expand your knowledge. Wednesday’s tense energy has you struggling to maintain healthy habits versus reverting back to old, outdated patterns. Recall the bigger picture you laid out for yourself in order to maintain your healthy routine. The week ends on a sweet note as the moon lights up your house of committed partnerships. You’re finding joy in spending quality time with your loved ones.

Pisces Sun/ Pisces Rising: You’re spending a quiet day at home on Sunday, Pisces. It’s a good day to review household budgets and make a plan for the end of the year. By Monday, you’re taking decisive steps forward. Wednesday is a tense day and you’re striking a balancing act between your friends and your partner. With Mars in the mix, you’re conflicted about your ability to reconcile your shared values with the different parties involved. Friday brings some relief. Good news at work could have you in a celebratory mood. You could be getting a promotion or a raise, ending the week on a much calmer note when it comes to shared resources.

Lara Atallah, @astrolots

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