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Weekly Astroscopes: November 7th to November 13th


Mars, Pluto, and Saturn are laying down the law this week. We’re bathing in a miasma of self-reckoning and severing ties with our former selves and its affiliates. Whatever seeds were planted during last week’s new moon are beginning to sprout their first bloom. But as with all things Plutonian, the process of birthing new intentions requires the destruction of outdated structures.

On November 10th, we’re faced with a particularly intense day as the Aquarius moon touches Saturn and squares Mercury and Mars in Scorpio at the Libra-ruled 7 degree. Words and actions in our interpersonal relationships lead to volatile situations that can easily turn flammable. As we set boundaries intent on transforming the deepest parts of ourselves, we’d do well to strike a balancing act between our needs and those of another. The Libra influence of these aspects is a gentle reminder that nothing needs to turn into a “me or you” situation. Structures can be destroyed and rebuilt anew in unison.

The drama continues the following day when the moon squares the sun once more at the Libra-ruled 19 degree, hinting at ego wars that are at odds with our emotional needs. As the moon moves to conjunct Jupiter at the Aquarius-ruled 23 degree hours later, we’re being encouraged to detach from our emotions and approach our triggers from a bird’s-eye view perspective.

Friday, November 12th offers up some dreamy moments with the Pisces moon sextiling Venus and trining Mars. We’re encouraged to lean into the ability to dream alongside another and work on laying a solid foundation for these dreams to materialize. With the Pisces moon sextiling Pluto on Saturday, emotions are fueled by a need to transform the structure of our reality.

Aries Sun/Aries Rising: On Sunday, you’re finding the right words to speak your ambitions into existence. With the support of your friends, you’re feeling optimistic about your future and ready to take on the world. Harness that day’s good vibes to power through the following day when the stars are boosting your confidence and giving you carte blanche to act on your desires. The middle of the week looks a little somber as Mercury and Mars square off against Saturn, making your words cutting and potentially causing a rift in some of your friendships. By the time we hit the weekend, you’re able to take a step back and spend some time alone rethinking the events of the week. Somewhere in the deepest, most hidden corners of your mind you’ll find a conciliatory approach to these conflicts.

Taurus Sun/Taurus Rising: You’re speaking affectionately and feeling the wanderlust on Sunday, Taurus. You’re itching to expand your horizons with a trusted partner by your side. And you’ll feel energized to plan some trips or plant some seeds in that direction. Caution around the middle of the week where you might find yourself clashing with a partner over the way to tackle certain issues in your shared life. There’s a risk of taking things a little too personally. Be open to criticism without necessarily perceiving it as a personal attack. Things simmer down towards the end of the week, and you find yourself more open to healthy exchanges that serve the interests of your long-term vision.

Gemini Sun/Gemini Rising: There’s an impetus to make lifestyle changes to help bolster your shared finances. You’re making money moves that should pay off in the long run but as you move through the week, you’re emotionally conflicted about a situation that pits your creative impulses against your ideals. Take a minute to center back around the ways you feel safe connecting and sharing yourself with another. On Friday, you’re having a pretty good day at work that has you receiving accolades for a job well done. The week ends on a high note, and you feel far more confident about your ability to reach your goals and the unwavering support you’re receiving from a partner in the process.

Cancer Sun/Cancer Rising: Sunday is all about love for you, Cancer. You’re enjoying flirting with a significant other or entertaining a prospective entanglement. You feel grounded in your routine which is helping you comfortably open up to your partner on a much deeper level. The middle of the week presents some challenges as you feel a lack of inspiration that could be the source of some uncomfortable emotions you’re being asked to process and alchemize in order to see yourself out of the creative rut. Friday and Saturday have you tapping into your higher mind, crafting a roadmap for the next chapter in your story and the ways you share it with another person by your side.

Leo Sun/Leo Rising: You’re feeling pushed to transform your home environment to better streamline your routine on this fine Sunday, Leo. A natural-born leader, taking charge of matters is where you feel most at home. However, as you move to implement changes around the house, be sure everyone around you is genuinely on board, as Wednesday’s astro weather points to some ruffled feathers and strongly worded disagreements. Things seem to simmer down at the end of the week, as you get more comfortable with sharing your deepest concerns with your family, allowing for vulnerability to smooth over the week’s disagreements.

Virgo Sun/ Virgo Rising: Your words hit the heart of an issue with regards to a partner. The prose is flowing, and it penetrates the layers of your relationship, initiating a deep metamorphosis of your bond, Virgo. There’s also an urge to expand the limits of your comfort zone in your private space. As you feel carried by these grand ambitions through the week, pay attention to how you’re communicating them, as you might be coming off a tad too strong to your coworkers. Make sure your enthusiasm isn’t misconstrued as unwarranted aggression. The week ends on a romantic note, as you prioritize quality time with a loved one.

Libra Sun/ Libra Rising: You’re thinking hard about your values and how to best align them with your family matters on Sunday, Libra. Master of balancing acts, you’re able to speak in a manner that lets everyone know their needs have been considered and are getting addressed. But as you’re moving through this week, you’re preoccupied by your finances and you’re struggling to balance out a budget that might be getting a little out of control with regards to a loved one or a child’s needs. Take a moment to recalibrate and prioritize expenses with the aim to troubleshoot immediate concerns. The middle of the week’s intensity has you stepping into the weekend firmly intent on rebalancing shared resources in order to move through the month more comfortably.

Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Rising: Now that the spotlight is on you for a couple of more weeks, you’re driven to speak to a crowd that is hanging on to your every word, Scorpio. As your superpower lies in your superb ability to shed skin, your sense of self-confidence is bolstered by your inner circle that sees you leveling up and cheers you on. Careful towards the middle of the week as the conglomeration of planets in your first house might have you triggering others trying to drag you in a word spat fueled by projections. Take control of the situation by harnessing your personal power with the aim to bolster your charisma. This week, more than any other week, all things begin and end with you. The weekend has your creative juices flowing. Take some time to journal your ideas and record these gems flowing through your mind.

Sagittarius Sun/ Sagittarius Rising: You’re keeping most of your thoughts to yourself, Sag, and a lot of the inner work that you’re diving into is helping you reassess your self-worth and self-talk. Rest is crucial at this time as you’re gathering your strength ahead of your season in a few weeks where you will be center stage. The middle of the week has you feeling more down than usual, and you’re struggling to express what it is that has you feeling disconnected from your surroundings. Take some time to do some automatic writing;you’ll find your answer by connecting to your subconscious mind. As you move into the weekend, you’ll find that inner work sparked some new creative ideas that can be turned into successful projects.

Capricorn Sun/ Capricorn Rising: As you’ve embarked on a very social month Capricorn, you seem to really be feeling yourself among the crowd. On Sunday, you find yourself taking a breather to sit with your emotions and contemplate how far you’ve come at healing issues surrounding self-worth. Moving through the week, something comes to a head with regards to your friendships. You’re identifying some connections in your life that are no longer aligned with your changing personal values. The end of the week has you more communicative, with your words receiving affirming rays from the planet of love and harmony that is currently transitingthrough your sign.

Aquarius Sun/ Aquarius Rising: There’s a lot going on in the background when it comes to your career goals, Aquarius. Not one to be vocal about your ambitions, you’re secretly drafting the next steps in your career. But as you hit the middle of the week, your impulse to protect your ambitions from prying eyes might have people feeling more suspicious of you than they need to be. Make sure you’re not exhausting yourself by setting unreasonable expectations for the next chapter in your career. The weekend has you feeling withdrawn and introspective about your self-worth.

Pisces Sun/ Pisces Rising: You’re reading, learning, and thinking out loud with a group of trusted colleagues at the start of this week, Pisces. Scorpio season has you honing your knowledge and is pushing you to expand it to further advance your career. With all the knowledge you’re accumulating, make sure you’re not falling in the trap of forcing what you’ve learned on others around you, especially towards the middle of the week where you’re feeling particularly vocal about certain issues that have been lurking in the background for some time. The weekend offers much needed respite among friends.

-Lara Atallah, @astrolots

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