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Weekly Astroscopes: November 29th to December 5th

Astro Vibe of the Week

With most planets in universal signs this week, our focus turns away from ourselves and onto bigger picture matters.

In its continued slowdown ahead of its imminent retrograde, Venus sextiles Neptune at the Scorpio-ruled 20 degree for most of this week, adding a touch of dreaminess to our relationships. But with all things Scorpio-influenced, the key is in what lies beneath surface level interactions. With Neptune ruling over deceit, we risk getting carried by fantasies that will almost certainly need to be revisited during the retrograde.

On November 29th, the Libra moon’s sextile to the sun and Mercury is adding a touch of wanderlust to our relationships, inspiring us to view togetherness as a gateway to expanded horizons.

Some tension arises around the middle of the week with the Scorpio moon conjunct Mars at the critical 22 degree. It’s an emotionally volatile day that’s tempered by the Moon’s sextile to Capricorn Venus, anchoring us back to the foundations of our relationships.

On December 4th, a Sagittarius stellium in the sky ushers in a new moon solar eclipse, concluding a year and a half long cycle of eclipses on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Happening at the Aquarius-ruled 11 degree, intentions surrounding wherever these signs fall in your chart point to the areas of life that have been emphasized for you over this period of time.

Aries Sun/Aries Rising: The week starts on an upbeat note as you’re feeling love from a special someone or a partner of sorts, be it platonic or romantic. Deep within you is a transformation occurring on the subconscious level, ushering you into the next stage of your evolution. As the week crests the zenith, it brings with it intense emotions that can lead to erratic behavior around self-worth and personal values. Not one to falter in the face of chaos, you slalom through this electrified energy supported by the sun’s sextile to Saturn, which coaxes you away from reckless behavior and grounds you in the strength of an ever-growing repertoire of knowledge that acts as your north star in times of uncertainty. The end of the week dials down the turbulence that has taken hold of the last few days by providing new insights that expand your worldview, marking the end of an eclipse cycle that has been reshaping the way you process information and shape your ideals about worlds near and far over the past year and a half.

Taurus Sun/ Taurus Rising: Your knack for navigating the material world is the basis for how you approach all situations in life. And with the sun taking up residence in Sagittarius for the next few weeks, you are pushed to reconsider how these foundations are strengthened when you join forces and resources with another person. It begins by beautifying the routine that shapes your day-to-day life, an undertaking that is currently connected to the pursuit of goals that are aligned with your path. In the process of doing so, the middle of the week asks you to reassess how your personal relationships enable your growth and what changes need to be made if that is not the case. You’re learning that “we” doesn’t come at the expense of “I,” rather it is the merger of two independent forces building a strong foundation to support both parties’ aspirations. The new moon is an opportunity to set intentions in that regard, as you get ready to close a year and a half long chapter that has reshaped how you approach your values and your ability to reconcile them with other peoples’ values.

Gemini Sun/ Gemini Rising: This week is showing you how solid partnerships can fuel your ability to tap into the boundless creative potential that lives inside your sharp mind. Basking in the warmth of a close relationship is affirming your desire to implement the ideas that you have been sitting on for a long time. As you expand the scope of your projects, make sure you’re not getting carried away on a high that impedes your ability to consider the availability of shared resources on hand. The middle of the week puts your routine under the microscope, unearthing discomfort and old wounds around intimacy blocks that might be hindering your creative expression. Take some time to meditate to receive insightful breakthroughs and see yourself out of that slump. The week closes on the Sagittarius new moon and the last eclipse of this year and a half long cycle around partnerships and self. Take stock of how far you’ve come in this time and set intentions surrounding your updated definition of togetherness for your next chapter.

Cancer Sun/ Cancer Rising: Lifestyle, health, and routine are at the forefront of your mind this Sag season. The start of the week has you focused on home and family. A need to retreat into the comfort of your personal space is proving to have a positive outcome on your routine and could be getting your creative juices going. On Wednesday, some harsh cosmic energy is creating friction between a romantic partner and shared resources between you two. Careful not to make matters worse by involving friends in your personal matters. Though there could be a genuine will to help, adding more people to a private equation could end up adding more fuel to the fire. Saturday’s new moon solar eclipse concludes a year and a half long cycle around daily and inner life.

Leo Sun/ Leo Rising: You’re approaching your emotions from a logical standpoint. This makes the prose flow out of you with such effervescence that you could fill a whole book with your ideas at the start of this week. You speak with gravitas while successfully accounting for multiple viewpoints and perspectives in how you approach situations. Towards the middle of the week, a home matter creates friction with a partner. You’re dealing with a sensitive situation that is once more pitting your family against your goals. In your determination to show up for your loved ones while still working on realizing your ambitions, be wary of sudden erratic behavior that pushes you to forsake those around you in the pursuit of your goals. The end of the week lights up your romance sector, and with the new moon solar eclipse you’re taking stock of a year and a half spent reshaping your understanding of creativity that breeds personal fulfillment versus creative pursuits that nourish the collective.

Virgo Sun/ Virgo Rising: Much of our personal values and self-image are a result of our upbringing and home environments. As we grow up, we often realize a need to reparent the parts of ourselves that have been dented over the course of our upbringings. These are some of the things on your mind at the start of this week, Virgo. And as you dive into the nooks and crannies of this work, you’re moving forward stealthily and committing to rebuilding your personal foundation with regards to these matters. Towards the middle of the week, you could be feeling misunderstood by the people that populate your day-to-day life. The resulting frustration tempts you to suddenly retreat to your books or a spiritual practice that provides a convenient escape from the drama. The week ends on a new moon solar eclipse that puts the spotlight on your home and family. Much has changed in that regard over the past year and half cycle of eclipses that have reshaped your personal and public lives. The ground is fertile to set intentions around what the next iteration of your home looks like.

Libra Sun/ Libra Rising: You’re in your feelings at the start of the week and being hyperaware of your emotions is inspiring you to be more expressive. Sagittarius season is handing you a mic and asking you to speak —or write— your thoughts. Journaling could be an excellent tool at this time to help you verbalize all the energy swirling in your mind. The middle of the week highlights matters around personal resources. A creative project —or child— is having you dig deeper in your purse, making you feel a little ill at ease. Clear, honest communication will be your way out of many sticky situations this Sag season but be careful not to misuse your words as it could add more tension to matters relating to shared resources. The new moon solar eclipse at the end of the week spotlights communication and the flow of information in your day-to-day life, capping a year and a half long cycle focused on managing information whether it’s how you consume it or how you share it with the world around you.

Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Rising: Self-reflection steers your ship at the start of the week. A lot of inner work done behind the scenes is helping you redefine your image and align yourself with values that are conducive to your personal growth. Towards the middle of the week, you’re ready to come out of your shell and take on the world armed with the realizations brought on by your breakthroughs. But with tension coming from your home, you might be tempted to take out some misplaced frustration on your partner. Be wary of leaning on unresolved projections to fuel any argument you could be getting into. The week ends with a new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius, closing a year and a half long chapter spent reshaping your understanding of value systems and self-worth. Take a moment to appreciate all the skin that’s been shed and use the energy to set intentions around how you would like the seeds you have planted throughout this cycle to grow.

Sagittarius Sun/ Sagittarius Rising: With your season making you the main character of the next three weeks, you’re focused on fine tuning your image and taking care of yourself. At the start of the week, being around friends is both validating and empowering. By the middle of the week, buried fears come up to the surface prompted by a shocking event that disrupts your routine or workplace. You might be tempted to speak from a wounded place, but as someone known for their brutal honesty, be wary of not going so far as to make a bad situation worse than it needs to be. The week ends on a new moon solar eclipse in your house of self, concluding a year and a half long cycle spent on transforming the ways you relate to your body and the ways in which you relate to others around you. This is a great opportunity to write affirmations and intentions that will close out this transformation on a high note.

Capricorn Sun/Capricorn Rising: You continue to retreat from view, finding replenishment in isolation. Never one to fully leave the tangible world behind even when you’re avoiding others, you’re using some of this time to meditate on your goals and ambitions at the start of the week. As you’re finding new insights regarding where you’d like to challenge yourself next, you find that your ambitions are seamlessly lining up with your values, fueling you to expand the scope of your inner work. By the middle of the week, a situation with friends creates a tense scenario where your ability to remedy conflict is testing your values and putting you at odds with a romantic partner or creative endeavor. Recommit to the system of values that you’ve been focused on building up this year to see yourself out of any conundrum with as much ease as possible. The end of the week’s new moon solar eclipse closes out a year and a half long chapter around mental health and spiritual inner work. Take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come in facing some of the deepest parts of yourself. This is a good moon to set intentions that will help you maintain the healthy habits you’ve built throughout this period.

Aquarius Sun/Aquarius Rising: You’re updating your definition of friendship through the course of this Sag season that is making you take another look at the people you keep close and how everyone’s interests and needs are met through mutually beneficial relationships. This week, you’re starting off by combining the power of higher knowledge with that of supportive peers validating your search for meaning and joining you on that journey. The middle of the week finds you at odds with your goals. You may have outgrown some of your ambitions but feel the need to hang on to them. There seems to be a conflict between what you aspire to and a situation at home that is making you redirect your path. By the end of the week, the new moon solar eclipse brings a lightbulb moment with regards to the groups you surround yourself with, closing a year and a half long chapter that emphasized this area of life for you.

Pisces Sun/Pisces Rising: Your mind is on your career currently, and much of your thoughts are going into figuring out where it is you want to go next and what steps you need to take to fulfill your ambitions. At the start of this week, your ambitions are being met with the support of a partner willing to bolster your shared resources to bring your goals to life. Towards the middle of the week, you’re revisiting your knowledge in an area of choice as you’re feeling underprepared to make any decisive moves. Taking a moment to retreat into meditation will help recenter yourself with what you need to do next to bring your ambitions to life. The new moon solar eclipse on Saturday is an opportunity to take stock of the last year and half of changes and developments regarding your public and private life and provides an opportunity to set intentions that will help your dreams grow.

Lara Atallah, @astrolots

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