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Weekly Astroscopes: November 14th to November 20th

Astro Vibe of the Week:

Eclipse season is upon us, and the energy feels like anyone’s about to throw a stick of dynamite at any given moment.

As we navigate the highly choppy waters ahead, we’d do well to lean into some helpful aspects that are here to soften the blow as we sort through the coming week.

Sunday’s Aries moon is overall upbeat, sextiling the Gemini North Node at the Taurus-ruled 2 degree; it's creating an opportunity to speak on new chapters we’d like to manifest regarding personal values. As the moon conjuncts Chiron later that evening, we might find ourselves feeling a little triggered by our desires, as some might be in response to unresolved wounds in that area of life.

With Venus in Capricorn gradually slowing down ahead of next month’s retrograde, we have a nice sextile happening to Scorpio Mars, adding stamina that helps bolster our confidence in our goals and gives the energy to set up the right foundations that will carry us to the finish line.

Wednesday, November 17th has some of the harshest astrology of the month. The Taurus moon squares Saturn, opposes Mars, and conjuncts Uranus all in one day, causing some stubborn arguments to erupt where all parties involved aren’t willing to budge from their respective positions. That said, the moon’s trine to Venus that day may just be the saving grace everyone needs from all this volatility. When the words heat up, lean into the long-term vision and foundation of your relationship to redirect all arguments away from conflict and towards the bigger picture.

This week’s finale is Friday’s Lunar eclipse. Happening at the Gemini-ruled 27 degree, and heavily aspecting Neptune, watch for what’s not being said on that day. The ramifications of the confusion or deceit hiding in communication will transpire clearly over the next six months.

Aries Sun/Aries Rising: Start of the week has you up and running, Aries. You’re moving with intention and aligning yourself to your most optimal path every step of the way. As you do so, you could be faced with emotional triggers that have you slightly feeling out of sorts. Be compassionate with yourself and make sure you’re not rushing as a means to avoid facing difficult feelings. When the moon moves to Taurus on Wednesday, you could feel a little stretched thin by an unforeseen steep expense. With that said, leaning into your confidence in your goals and career direction will offset any temporary anxiety around your personal finances. As we inch closer to the lunar eclipse on the 19th, there’s an abrupt ending in the money department. The next months will see radical changes in the area of life concerned with resources both shared and personal.

Taurus Sun/Taurus Rising: As the sun’s journey through Scorpio continues to highlight partnerships for you, you’re feeling fortunate and on Sunday you’re subconsciously motivated to expand your budget, but as you do so, check in with yourself as you might be prone to retail therapy coming from a place of trauma rather than intention. You’re eager to bring about a specific vision concerning your living space and feel supported by a partner. But as you’re both eager to get the job done, be careful not to clash over an inability to reconcile different visions. Friday’s eclipse puts the spotlight on you. You’re shedding an outdated narrative about yourself. Over the next six months, you’re reconfiguring how you relate to those around you.

Gemini Sun/Gemini Rising: Your work life is under the microscope these days, and you’re feeling the urge to optimize your routine as best as you can, Gemini. On Sunday, quality time spent among friends has you feeling good about yourself and further aligned with the person you’re working on becoming. But with that comes the opening of a wound regarding your place among a friend group that has you feeling uneasy and out of place. Work through it by talking about it with your friends;you’ll find that you receive the support you need to heal past this. Wednesday sets the mood ahead of the eclipse on Saturday, and you’re dealing with a lot of subconscious fears coming to the surface with the risk turning into unwarranted projections on situations and people that populate your daily life. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and share your fears with the people around you to help assuage these feelings. Friday marks an ending in the realm of secrets, or hidden enemies. The next six months will bring anything in the shadows out into the light.

Cancer Sun/ Cancer Rising: Your mind is on romance. You’re tapping into your creativity carried by a wistful desire to be loved and admired, Cancer. On Sunday, you’re feeling a surge of profound emotions stemming from a need to share intimacy with a special someone. You’re driven by a strong desire to set goals and aim for the moon but you’re feeling reluctant about your ambitions due to a fear of being perceived. The middle of the week sees a conflict between your desire to show up for your friends, versus a need to nurture your inner child. An issue surrounding shared resources among your peers could set off some drama. A solution can be sought by teaming up with a trusted partner to remedy the tensions of the group. As Friday’s eclipse comes in with a bang, it brings with it sudden endings with regards to friends, networks and creative endeavors which will unfold over the next six months.

Leo Sun/ Leo Rising: Your focus on your home and family is highlighted by a desire to satisfy a partner’s needs. There’s a danger of indulging excessive changes around the house that could be indicative of a deeper wound surrounding nurturing. The middle of the week has you antsy about the next steps in your career. You’re feeling pushed to make big moves but find it hard to reconcile private and public life. There could be some family trouble that takes you away from a project that you were really set on furthering. Work on establishing a solid, firm routine that is customized to work with your current circumstances. You’ll find yourself grounded by this exercise and better able to focus. Friday’s eclipse is a catalyst that has you rerouting your next steps with regards to goals and rethinking what makes a home.

Virgo Sun/ Virgo Rising: Your mind is racing, and your brain is connecting thoughts at a much higher speed than usual, much to the delight of your coworkers, Virgo. On Sunday, you’re parsing out some uncomfortable emotions that are causing creative blockages. Let the emotions unfold and reveal themselves to you so you can see yourself out of this rut using clear-headedness. Inthe middle of the week, you’re struggling to align your principles with those of your colleagues. There could be a lot of misunderstandings that lead to friction and volatility that could push you to assert yourself a little too aggressively. Try to approach any conflicts by providing creative solutions that can encompass everyone’s ideas into your shared endeavor. You’ll find that creative collaboration can help you avoid much of these conflicts. The eclipse on Friday marks an ending with regards to travel or education-related themes that will manifest over the next six months.

Libra Sun/Libra Rising: Your focus this week is on going above and beyond to fund every creative project you’ve got your heart set on. Money is no object for you, Libra, as you have a natural ability to manifest it by the sheer force of your will. On Sunday, the expansive optimism has you getting cozy with your partner and feeling good about a shared path. In the midst of this energy, some wounds regarding togetherness rear their head in asking you to do a deep dive into these feelings. The middle of the week sees some drama regarding resources both shared and personal. A creative project is exceeding its initial budget, causing discomfort around money. Reaching out to chosen family can help calm these concerns down as you’ll find your loved ones more than willing to lend a compassionate ear or helping hand. Friday’s eclipse signals a dramatic change in all things related to value systems.

Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Rising: Yet again, the main character of the week, you’re off to a loud start making waves in your family and flipping the table upside down when it comes to your workplace. You’re radically changing up your routine as a way to address some deep-seated issues concerning shared finances you’re looking to transform. As the week heats up, so do the arguments. On Wednesday, you’re blind-sided by a partner —either platonic or romantic— who is acting up. The volatile energy is however grounded through the means of serious conversations that can help smoothen any rifts. The eclipse at the end of the week shows these conversations bringing about the end of a chapter or phase.

Sagittarius Sun/ Sagittarius Rising: The lid is getting blown open on something that’s been hidden from view this week, Sag. But the start of the week has you tapping into your inner child and working through a wound that has been sabotaging your romantic life. Wednesday brings some of the harshest astrology of the week that has you feeling emotionally unsettled at work and possibly facing backlash from opponents who have been trying to sabotage you behind your back. The best way to navigate this energy is to maintain a strong sense of self-worth and lean into your core values to face any adversity you might have to deal with this week. Friday’s lunar eclipse is asking you to surrender anything that is outside your control and will be kickstarting a new cycle relating to health and spirituality.

Capricorn Sun/ Capricorn Rising: With your social life feeling busier lately, you’re finding that networking brings fortuitous opportunities your way this Sunday, Capricorn. But as you’re reaping the benefits of your schmoozing, you’re emotionally triggered by a wound around themes of home and family. The middle of the week is pitting your creative life against your social life. You’re pressuring yourself to produce something of high quality but keep feeling pulled away from your zone by some tensions in your friend group. This culminates on Friday’s lunar eclipse that is ushering radical changes in the realm of creative pursuits, romance, and network, which you’ll see play out over the next six months.

Aquarius Sun/ Aquarius Rising: With your career being your top priority these days, you’re nurturing a lot of grand plans and ambitions at this time and feeling expansive in your vision and popular among the crowds. You start the week speaking your wishes out loud and journaling your wildest aspirations. As you do so, watch the words you use as they could be uncovering some deep-seated wounds around how you think and communicate your reality. Wednesday sees some sparks flying around your house. You find yourself cornered by a household matter that has you torn between handling family issues and moving forward with your ambitions. Friday’s eclipse brings a dramatic closure within your home space, as things begin to shift radically over the next six months.

Pisces Sun/Pisces Rising: You’re furthering your knowledge to refine your goals on Sunday, Pisces. As you’re voraciously consuming new information, take note of the feelings that come up in this process. You might be sticking your heads in books as a means to escape an uncomfortable emotional situation that has you questioning your own values. In the middle of the week as the energy leading towards the eclipse ramps up, you’re exchanging harsh words that you’ve kept buried deep within you for a long time. Watch for erratic behavior that leads to explosive arguments, and try to temper your emotions by reaching out to friends for advice. Friday’s eclipse marks an abrupt ending in terms of communication in travel, which will be unraveling over the next six months.

-Lara Atallah, @astrolots

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