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Weekly Astro Scopes: Oct 3rd-Oct 9th 2021

Astro Vibe of the Week:

There’s a magic to words that is unparalleled. Especially when Mercury is traveling through Libra, rendering our prose particularly luscious. Use the right words at the right time and watch them usher you into your loved one’s heart. But when the messenger planet is retrograde, expect misunderstandings and having to rethink some of these statements. With Mercury trining the planet of expansion Jupiter, you might be feeling particularly prone to grandiose statements and love declarations. Alas, keep in mind reader, that we are in a Mercury retrograde season, so, do mind the weight of your words. What Jupiter seamlessly expands can easily turn out to be hollow.

On October 6th, the Libra New Moon happening at the Aries-ruled 13th degree has us itching for a new, fresh start in our relationships. Stagnancy and status quo will not be tolerated. With Mars conjunct the new moon, it’s giving, “I will fight you out of my life for my peace of mind.” Stay even-keeled but do not be afraid to cut out who and what needs to go. The following day Venus closes out its journey through the deep, murky realm of Scorpio.

We find ourselves navigating the end of a storm, as the planet of harmony wraps up its voyage across Scorpio where it has spent the past three weeks infusing our relationships with profound transformation. Along with Mars in Libra, the planet of war and the planet of love have been in mutual reception asking us to courageously work in unison with our loved ones to bring about significant shifts to our lives.

A few flashes of lightning up ahead before the skies clear up reveal a boundless horizon beckoning to be discovered once Venus ingresses in Sagittarius on October 7th.

October 9th brings an interesting Sun-Mercury Cazimi amidst a Libra stellium in the sky shining a light on buried thoughts. A moment of clarity during much indecision. With Mars taking a seat at that table, there’s a palpable tension and volatility when it comes to our dealings with others.

With Mars in the mix there’s something almost forceful about this cosmic mix. The irritation that comes with not knowing whether you’re coming or going suddenly comes to a standstill, and for a few hours that day, you can hear yourself think and realize exactly what it is that you need to do. Meanwhile, by the end of the week, the moon and Venus are gearing up to cross over the Sagittarius south node, in the midst of a Libra Mercury Rx sounding the bells of ghosts of exes past.


Aries Sun/Aries Rising: This week shines a big bright spotlight on your partnerships be they platonic or romantic. On Monday, you’re feeling particularly invigorated; a sense of elation in the air inspires you to make serious commitments. Pay attention to the revelations surrounding your partnerships that will surface by next Saturday. You might just figure out what’s been bugging you that you haven’t been able to put your finger on. With a Mars Cazimi on October 8th and a Mercury Cazimi on October 9th you are being called to harness this cardinal energy to elevate your personal relationships. Make a business plan, drop a flash sale or announce a partnership. Plant seeds that you will actively begin growing once Mercury goes direct later in October.

Taurus Sun/Taurus Rising: There seems to be a lot of push and pull energy in your daily life, Taurus. Your coworkers might be exhibiting a little too much hesitation when it comes to getting things done, and it’s leaving a sour taste in your mouth. Notorious for your staying power and obstination, you could be feeling a little too irritable right now. The new moon is a good opportunity to figure out what kind of enhancements you can make to your workflow or routine that will benefit you in the long run. The Mars Cazimi on October 8th will embolden you to boss up and make some bold moves at work. Careful not to ruffle too many feathers. With Venus entering your Sagittarius-ruled 8H, transformation is ahead with regards to intimacy and shared resources.

Gemini Sun/Gemini Rising: Your creative juices are flowing but with all that air energy complementing your airy sun, you could be feeling a little too ungrounded or unsure whether you’re coming or going, Gemini. Wednesday’s new moon offers a new start in that realm. And by Friday and Saturday, Mars is along for the ride, heating things up in the bedroom and infusing your creative impulses with much power and vigor. On October 7th, Venus makes its grand entrance in your house of committed partnerships, shifting your focus towards your significant other. You could see yourself committing for the long haul. Make sure you’re not going too fast or too strong, and pace yourself at least until Mercury goes direct and things become clearer.

Cancer Sun/Cancer Rising: You might be feeling the itch to make changes to your home this week, Cancer. Your sacred and humble abode is calling on you to add touches of beauty and luxury. Wednesday’s new moon has you wanting to redecorate your space to make it feel cozier. By the end of the week, Mars’ influence might be pushing you to get a little erratic about it. Careful not to toss all your bed sheets in the trash because you’re suddenly over them. You will regret these sudden moves. Instead, use the October 9th Mercury Cazimi to make a moodboard of what you’d like your home to look like. Keep fine-tuning that vision and go forward with implementation when Mercury goes direct. On October 7th, Sag Venus enters your 6H of lifestyle and routine, inspiring you to perhaps revamp your gym routine and set up a new workout schedule.

Leo Sun/Leo Rising: You’re itching for a change of scenery, Leo. The October 6th new moon could be a good time to plan a short trip for when Mercury turns direct again. If you’re running a blog or work in the media, you might be feeling the urge to share more of yourself with the public. Put yourself out there, Leo, but be careful not to run your mouth or say things you’ll end up regretting. Especially on October 8th with Mars and Mercury adding fuel to the fire, your words may not land the way you mean them to. Meanwhile, Venus shines a spotlight on your creativity and sex life. This is a good time to harness that energy towards your creations.

Virgo Sun/Virgo Rising: This week Virgo, you got your eyes on your bag. You might be scrambling to find ways to generate more income avenues. In some ways, you might be spread a little too thin and you’re not entirely sure which of your gigs will be most profitable in the long run. Use the new moon to consider and weigh your options carefully but don’t make a final call just yet. Watch for reckless emotional spending this week. The Mercury Cazimi on the 9th shines a bright spotlight on your personal values and sense of abundance. Venus enters your Sagittarius-ruled house of home and family where it will have you craving quality time with your loved ones in the comfort of your home.

Libra Sun/Libra Rising: Happy birthday Libra! You are the star of the show for most of this month. With all this energy in your 1H of self, you might be wanting to style your hair differently or perhaps switch up your make-up. This new moon, the universe is asking you to put yourself out there. You are likely to make waves and turn quite a few heads. Careful though! The Sun-Mars Cazimi on October 8th is giving main character energy, and not necessarily in a good way. Make sure all that enthusiasm doesn’t turn into unwarranted arguing, especially with Mercury in the mix. Stand your ground firmly without succumbing to passive-aggressiveness. With Venus entering your 3H of short-distance travel and communication, you’ll be in the mood to take trips with your beau or just chat people up on social media.

Scorpio Sun/Scorpio Rising: This week has you craving isolation, Scorpio. You might be feeling the need to withdraw and keep to yourself just to recharge your batteries and figure out your next moves. Make sure to get plenty of rest! This Libra season wants you to meditate on your upcoming plans. This will be particularly emphasized by the new moon on the 6th. On October 7th, Venus enters your 2H of earned income and personal values. Use the revelations that came to you during your downtime to make some waves.

Sagittarius Sun/Sagittarius Rising: Renowned explorer of the zodiac, you’re feeling the itch to be out and about socializing, Centaur. The new moon-Libra Mercury combo has you reconnecting with friends you probably haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. Careful on October 8th with the Mars-Cazimi followed by a Mercury Cazimi the next day not to dredge any old arguments that can quickly escalate into unnecessary fights. This week also sees Venus entering your 1H of self and that means hot Sag girl season! Put yourself out there, wear clothes you enjoy and go mingle!

Capricorn Sun/Capricorn Rising: By next Friday, you have enough fuel in your engine to really kick things into high gear on the career front. With a Libra new moon shining a bright light on your public image and achievements sector, you’re feeling the urge to stand out and shine. The Mars and Mercury Cazimis respectively on the 8th and 9th might bring some unwarranted attention to that part of your life. Think carefully before making public statements that could be misinterpreted and used against you. On October 7th , Venus enters your 12H of seclusion and endings. The following three weeks will have you craving alone time with your loved one or this could represent the end of a chapter in your relationship.

Aquarius Sun/Aquarius Rising: The wanderlust is strong these days, Aquarius. This week’s Libra Stellium is lighting up your 9H of spirituality, higher education, and traveling. You might be considering going back to school, signing up for a class or just packing a suitcase and hitting the road somewhere you haven’t been before. If you do decide to travel during that time, be mindful of delays or sudden changes to your itinerary. Mars Cazimi on October 8th, followed by the Mercury Cazimi on the 9th warns against arguing with people on unfamiliar territory. Also, this week, Venus enters your 11H. If you’re single and looking to meet someone, it might not be a bad idea to ask your friends to introduce you to one of their connections.

Pisces Sun/Pisces Rising: There’s been a lot of activity in your sector of intimacy and shared resources, Pisces. As a sign known to take service to others to self-sacrificial extremes, this could be a good week to have an honest conversation with a partner regarding shared finances. Perhaps it’s time to review your household’s budget or catch up on that credit card bill. As Venus is about to enter your 10H of prestige and achievement and square your Sun, you’d do well to stay grounded in the vision you have for yourself and your goals.

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