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Weekly Astro Scopes: Oct 10th-Oct 16th 2021

Astro Vibe of the Week:

The weather is cooling, and the arguments are heating up. Welcome to week two of the last Mercury retrograde season of the year. If you’ve made it this far without setting a bunch of sh!t on fire, please take a moment to congratulate yourself. The past couple of weeks have had us in a chokehold, and the start of this week is going to have us walking on landmines. But if you play your cards right, you’ll be closing the right chapters and starting much better ones.

We start on Sunday with Venus crossing over the South Node. In the grander context of Mercury retrograde in the sign of Libra, this signals the re-emergence of a past love who might be seeking closure with regards to a karmic lesson or soul contract you both signed onto. Alternatively, you could see yourself reflecting this chapter on your own and drawing the much-needed conclusions that will help you move past it.

Tuesday highlights the idea of perfection being in the eye of the beholder. Our sense of duty clashes with other people’s perspective on how to get the tasks at hand done. The pressure to excel is at odds with what other people perceive to be an accurate representation of excellence. The words are scathing but they do not need to be. The presence of the messenger planet in Libra asks us first and foremost to consider the other’s perspective and strike a balance between their vision and ours. Affirm boundaries unequivocally while leaving space for others to align their vision with yours. If you pass that test successfully, congratulations! You’ll find that the week ends on a rewarding note.

Aries Sun/Aries Rising: The week starts off with Venus crossing the South Node calling on you to reflect on your ideals and your principles. What thought patterns are you holding onto that you need to release to find fulfillment? How can you harness the lessons you have garnered up to this point to embrace a set of ideals that is more aligned with the next phase of your life? Tuesday brings a tense atmosphere causing friction between your career’s requirements and your partnerships. Your urge to succeed and shine is at odds with your relationship dynamics. The trine to Uranus further adds volatility to an already delicate situation. The moon is void of course for most of the following day, giving you an opportunity to take stock of yesterday’s events. Reaching out to friends for comfort would do you a lot of good. Things calm down considerably by Friday; give yourself the chance to go out and let loose.

Taurus Sun/Taurus Rising: There’s something sobering about your Sunday, Taurus. You’re reflecting on your relationship to intimacy and contemplating how it has manifested through your interactions with others. A karmic cycle ends on that day, marking a new beginning in that area of life. You realize something needs to change and might feel inclined to speak up about it. Come Tuesday, work has you feeling erratic. You seem to have a stronger grasp on the bigger picture than your colleagues are inclined to think. As someone stubborn and steadfast about their belief systems, you’re tempted to argue. Recognize what battles are worth picking and consider the weight of your words before starting fires that can’t be put out easily. When the moon voids of course for most of the following day, use that time to unwind and meditate on your goals and aspirations. Venus sextile Saturn gives you the willpower to commit to whatever it is you set out to accomplish. By Friday Oct. 15, use the wisdom you garnered on Wednesday to move past the earlier arguments of the week.

Gemini Sun/Gemini Rising: Much to the joy of your mutable heart, there’s a lot of movement for you this week, Gemini. Sunday shines a light on your personal relationships, surfacing ways of dealing or interacting with a partner that have likely become outdated. This could also very much signify the return of a past love seeking resolution. A naturally gifted wordsmith, you’re being asked to find all the right ways to reconcile your intimate needs with those of your partner, and there could be some tension resulting from a miscommunication in that area. Use the following day to meditate on your ideals and what best aligns with them, as the moon is void of course and allows for more reflection than action. By the end of the week, having an intimate conversation with your loved one will help you find resolutions to the conflict from earlier in the week.

Cancer Sun/Cancer Rising: You start off the week by reviewing your routine, Cancer. Some of your day-to-day habits are currently stifling your growth and affecting your lifestyle. On Tuesday, there’s conflict at home that has you beefing with your partner over household matters. Keep an open mind and listen to the concerns being voiced out. The following day, the void of course moon invites deeper reflection and opportunity for you to work things out and come up with creative solutions to address yesterday’s arguments. By Friday, the waters have finally steadied and you’re able to have a better outlook on shared resources within your family unit.

Leo Sun/Leo Rising: Sunday has you reflecting on your inner child’s needs. You might feel the impulse to reparent yourself to move forward feeling stronger and more healed. Tension erupts on Tuesday when details around a short trip cause big miscommunication at work. Emotions will be running high. Mind your words on that day and recognize when the conversation is about to take a left turn and rise above any pitfalls. On Wednesday, use the void moon’s energy to confide in a partner or close friend. The tone of the day is serious but overall positive. By Friday you could seek solace in taking a short trip with a partner to recover from the arguments that might’ve erupted earlier in the week.

Virgo Sun/Virgo Rising: You’re feeling nostalgic on Sunday, thinking about your family and certain outdated patterns and dynamics that no longer fit your current path, Virgo. There is an opportunity to close out an old chapter in that regard with a parental figure. Be open to the conversation; it will bring much needed healing. On Tuesday, you’re wrestling between allocating your budget to necessities versus investing in creative pursuits, or if you have kids, you might get blindsided by a sudden expense that’ll make a dent in your budget. The following day, as the moon is void of course, you could use this time to reorganize your workspace to better streamline your tasks. The week ends on a much calmer note.

Libra Sun/Libra Rising: A lover of beauty, forever in pursuit of harmony, your week has you contemplating past romantic escapades you might’ve gone on and you could be feeling adventurous and in the mood for another getaway. Careful not to over-romanticize some of your past experiences. You would be best advised to take off the rose-colored glasses, and perhaps focus on the lessons garnered. You will find much-needed closure that will spring you onto better pastures. Tuesday has a lot of push and pull energy creating volatility between your home environment and your personal goals. You might feel like you’re being pulled in too many directions and can’t really hear yourself think. The following day, the moon is void of course. Use this time for self-care and take another look at a personal project you’d put aside for a while. Plan a cute date, indulge in Venusian pleasures, or just hang out with your kids and ease into the weekend.

Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Rising: You’re spending most of this month embodying the Hermit card’s energy, Scorpio. This season is a time of retreat to reassess your commitments and the ways your love languages have evolved or changed. On Sunday, you’re thinking about your personal values and how you’ve shown up in your relationships accordingly. Transformation is sacred practice for you and on that day, your Tuesday brings chaos in which your need for isolation is being challenged. There could be a problem with a sibling that’s forcing you out of your isolation bubble. When the moon void of course the following day, spend some time at home or make yourself a home-cooked meal and reflect on the past day’s events. By Friday, the dust appears to have settled and you might treat yourself to a long drive or a staycation to recharge your batteries and center yourself in your meditation.

Sag Sun/ Sag Rising: Libra season is social butterfly season for you, Sagittarius. But this Mercury retrograde has you cleaning house in your group of friends. On Sunday, Venus crosses over the South Node in your 1H of self. You’re thinking back on past looks and maybe considering revisiting a certain style. As someone who is stern with their personal values and assets, you’re confronted by a conundrum in which your social obligations are exerting a little too much pressure on your wallet. Careful with reckless spending! On the following day as the moon is void of course, you could use this time to journal your thoughts and feelings regarding the past day’s events. Come Friday, you’re feeling more refreshed and finding your way with words with far more ease.

Cap Sun/Cap Rising: Dreams can bring interesting insights with regards to past lives. With Venus crossing over the South Node in your 12H on Sunday, you could see an old karmic flame make an appearance in your life. This is an opportunity to release baggage that may have been subconsciously holding you back. Be open to a conversation that would bring much-needed closure. As we move into Tuesday, you’re having trouble reconciling your personal image with your public image. Instead of cowering to imposter syndrome, ground yourself with self-compassion and reflect on how far you’ve come with respect to your goals. The universe is asking you to take up space in the spotlight. Heed the call, Capricorn! You’ve been working hard for this. The following day, the moon is mostly void of course, and offers much-needed quiet to review your budget and adjust your spending to reap long-term rewards. Come Friday, you might get a nice little surprise windfall!

Aqua Sun/Aqua Rising: Sunday brings a blast from the past, Aquarius. You could hear back from an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time. What emerges from that interaction will allow you to put a chapter to a close and move in a different direction. On Tuesday, you’re mostly keeping to yourself and rethinking some of your ideals. There could be some tension with a mentor that’s causing you to reflect on certain bad habits that are steering you away from your purpose. Use the following day for self-care; it’ll help you tackle the rest of the week with a fresh perspective. By Friday, an epiphany brings the conflict that erupted earlier that week to a resolution, and you could find yourself contemplating a travel opportunity and a much-needed change of scenery.

Pisces Sun/Pisces Rising: Prone to nostalgic reflections Sunday, you could be thinking about past career milestones and assessing your path up to this point in order to determine the next steps in a way that honors your ambitions. Tuesday brings volatility pitting your desire to network and be with friends against your partner’s concerns about your shared resources. Be open to compromise and hear their concerns out. The following day is a good chance to isolate and contemplate the events of the following day. By Friday, Oct. 15, you and your partner reach a peaceful resolution around your shared values, putting the tension that transpired at the start of the week behind you.

-Lara Atallah, @astrolots

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