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Taurus Lunar Eclipse: Love, Money & Total Transformation

This is the Eclipse that will remain with us for a lifetime.

With a powerful planetary alignment in the stars, we will be called to action to review our purpose, who we are and how that relates to the world around us. The Full Moon Eclipse will create a 360 transfomation, resetting us back to the starting line of life on a completely new path.

Emotionally Steadfast or Stagnant?

The Taurus Full Moon will be opposing Mercury and Mars, challenging us to review our emotional projections we place on those around us and our ambitions. We’re being challenged to have compassion on ourselves and learn to have more compassion on others with the Moon trining Venus and being conjunct Neptune.

The remedy lies within the Sun- A transformation of identity

With the Sun being conjunct Mercury and sextile Pluto, we’re being called to transform our approach to life through allowing an ego death of old identities to take place. We are being placed in a position to surrender our sense of control that’s fueled by our limiting beliefs of self and others.

Grounding ourselves through healing old wounds…

The Wounded Healer, Chiron, works in tandem with Venus and Saturn to surface any emotional blocks and trauma blocking our new path to happiness and total fulfillment. This energy will also help us ground our money energy, allowing us to truly see and understand what we deserve and will help us gain a more grounded approach to attaining and maintaining the wealth we desire. Over the next 6 months, old relationship values and blockages will surface in a way where we will have to confront past disappointments which have created deep, lasting insecurities. The Lunar Eclipse is here to serve as a catalyst for you to release any old baggage from other people that is no longer serving your happiness and sense of commitmeant to self, others, your creative endeavors and your wallet.

Final Words of Advice:

The heavily fixed energy of this Eclipse shows that the changes which will be created from this historical Eclipse will be inevitable and steadfast. Embrace the flow and trust the process. Your path is being redesigned for the better. You will surely be presented with the path that leads to your best self, your greatest love and unbridled potential.

-Danielle Ayoka, @mysticxlipstick

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