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Tarotscope for 11/19 Taurus full moon lunar eclipse

Let’s ask the cards what we should expect.

Like many of you, I was pretty curious as to what November 19th moon’s transits will bring us. So, of course, I pulled out my tarot cards and laid out a spread. And let me just tell you I am intrigued and relieved with this energy.

For today, we will be using my Everyday Witch tarot deck. This message is for anyone who finds themselves reading this. Ok, let’s hop in!

I began the spread by asking what the overall energy will be for this eclipse. The Hermit card flew out and its clarifying card was the Knight of Wands. Now, these two cards represent two separate energies; on the one hand, you have the Hermit, which speaks to rest and retreat. On the other hand, you have the Knight of Wands, which refers to action and adventure. It seems that this collective has been in solitude due to needing rest and a clearer understanding of the direction you should go. This could have started weeks or even months ago. The Hermit is the 9th card and represents Virgo energy so it could have begun in September. Whenever it started, this eclipse is bringing an end to that isolation with the Knight of Wands. These cards also tell me you are putting your foot on the gas and going full speed ahead for what you want. If you have been sitting on the sidelines,you will feel the urge to put yourself back in the game.

Now that you have a better understanding of the world around you and the role you play in it, you are prepared to take on anything thrown your way. However, with the Knight of Wands you are not just prepared but excited for what is to come. You can expect new adventures, relationships, and hobbies after this eclipse.

I then wanted to see how we will view ourselves after the eclipse. I pulled the Four of Swords and that was clarified by the Nine of Pentacles. This tells me that you might have struggled with equating your self-worth to the amount of work you do and the money you bring in. You could often feel guilty when you need rest, or even be prone to overthinking when you’re trying to rest.. And a lot of what you think about is material gain; having enough to support the lifestyle you want. And hey, it’s completely normal to worry about finances; many of us do. However, this eclipse has come to remind us that we are not machines, but humans., and there isn’t a human alive who can operate without proper rest. It is ok to relax and take days off;try to remember we are not falling behind on anything. If we can’t take a break without things in our lives falling apart then we have some serious restructuring to do. The eclipse is here to show us that.

These two cards also tell me that many of us are a lot better off than we give ourselves credit for. You’re in your head all day thinking you’re failing or not good enough but whole time you’re living your dream life,iving in the house you manifested, driving the car you prayed for, and having the career you’ve always dreamed of.

Speaking of finances, I pulled the Chariot and Fool cards for how the eclipse could affect our pockets. This is beautiful and expansive energy. We won’t be as hesitant to explore new ways of financial gain. If you have been thinking about creating a website for your business but just haven’t gotten around to it yet, expect a nudge from the universe to get it done. If you have been thinking of changing jobs, watch out for new openings and opportunities. Of course, we should remember that oftentimes when things come into our lives, something has to leave. So if you have been manifesting a new job, you either need to quit your current job or circumstances will lead to you being let go. Every situation is different so just make sure you know yours. Whatever the case may be, finances are looking up for this collective, as long as we get out of our heads and just create. The Fool card is telling you to just surrender and allow yourself to be excited for the unknown and not afraid of it because when you don’t know what to expect, anything is possible.

Ok, moving into the juicy stuff; love. This eclipse is bringing a huge shift and ending unhealthy cycles in our love lives. I pulled the Justice, Nine of Wands, and Three of Swords. The Justice card is telling me that whatever happens before and during this eclipse in regards to romance is divinely guided and in your best interest. This could be a literal breakup or a break in certain patterns. Again, know your situation. For some, I’m seeing divorce proceedings or some type of legal matter with a romantic partner. The Justice card usually gives me that impression when pulled in a love reading. The Three of Swords represents heartbreak but also represents not being able to turn back. For example, you find out your partner has cheated. Yes, this will naturally cause heartbreak, however, at least you know now. You can try to pretend you don’t but the truth is you can never go back to the time where you didn’t know. Heartbreak often reminds us that we deserve better and need to do more. For fun, I decided to pull one more card and the Five of Cups appeared. When you feel rejected from love, it's time to figure out what triggers this feeling of not being good enough and rejection. When you heal that, you'll realize rejection is just the universe's way of protecting you.

Lastly, I asked my guides for the biggest takeaway from this eclipse. The Four of Wands flew out and that made me smile so hard. You are reuniting with yourself after November 19th. In the past, you could have felt very disconnected from yourself and the life you’ve been working so hard for. You could have felt like you were running this marathon with no finish line in sight. This eclipse is here to tell you you make your own finish lines, or your own successes. Accomplishments look different for everyone. All that matters is that you find the time to celebrate yourself. More often than not, we feel unsatisfied with where we are because we never take the time to really appreciate where we came from. The past few weeks or months were meant to show you just how important it is to step back and assess where you are on your own journey.

This hermit mode/retreat period will not harm you or slow you down. However, treating yourself like some electrical machine will.

Be prepared for the eclipse to bring out hidden secrets within your family or close friends. The spilled secrets will be necessary for the growth of everyone involved. As long as you have been open and honest, there is no reason to worry.

All in all, this is a beautiful energy that brings every tower moment, tear and doubt full circle. If you can, throw yourself a little party in honor of all that you have managed to get through and how you came back better than ever.

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