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✨Tarot Spread of the Month✨

Reading tarot: Different spreads

Learning the meanings and symbolism behind tarot cards is very important, as is learning the different spreads that give the best answers. Each month, we will unveil numerous spreads and discover which readings they are best suited to: romantic, career, family, etc. We'll alternate between my own spreads and other spreads you can find online. Let's get started with the first monthly spread!

Spread of the month: Speaking to your ancestors

Our first monthly spread will help us to communicate with our ancestors in honor of Halloween/Samhain. This spread will provide you with clarity on a specific issue or general advice from your ancestors on the other side. Make sure your space is cleansed, your cards are shuffled, and you have your ancestor candle. You only use this candle when you speak to your ancestors. I recommend a white candle but choose what you feel comfortable with. In honor of this beautiful holiday, I will be using my Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas tarot deck.

Let's get started!

Mock Spread:

Card 1- What ancestors are currently with me?

This card position is going to show you the overall energy of the ancestors that are currently with you.

As an example from our mock spread, the High Priestess in this position tells us that the ancestors with you are very intuitive and possess strong Divine Feminine energy. These are ancestors who strongly encourage and teach you from beyond to continue on your spiritual journey.

Card 2- What abilities and skills am I inheriting from this particular ancestor?

This position will show any spiritual gifts and abilities these particular ancestors are bringing into your life.

As an example from our spread above, The Magician card is very powerful and reassuring when pulled in this position. Your ancestors have given you the ability to manifest quickly and effectively. You are also very strong and likely to have control issues. Others might call you a jack of all trades. You inherited the ability to move easily between the physical and spiritual realms from your ancestor. You could be really good at astral projecting and have great communication skills as well.

Card 3- What am I not seeing clearly?

This card will show any blindspots you may have that your ancestor is trying to bring to your awareness.

With the Empress in this position, you are unable to see your blessings. You could be manifesting something specific and have not seen it play out the way you want it to. Again, you might need to control many aspects in your life which cause you to doubt and question the divine. You could also be nurturing and healing a lot of people during this time without even knowing it. The current energy around you is secure and abundant however, your mind is convincing you otherwise.

Card 4- How can I better see this situation clearly?

This position will show how your ancestors are attempting to guide you through the blindspot(s) that were revealed in your reading.

In reference to our mock reading, the presented issue can be better understood through the six of wands. The six of wands represent victory and celebration. During this time, your ancestor wants you to congratulate yourself on your wins, no matter how small. Appreciate all you have accomplished and how much you have grown. There’s an old version of you who is very proud of the person you are today. Try not to get lost in the rat race and forget that.

Card 5- Final message of advice from your ancestors:

This is the overall message your ancestors are trying to deliver to you. These are words to take with you to help guide you along your path.

The Fool is the final message of advice. If you are wondering, for all my personal spreads I place the advice card sideways. The Fool is reminding you of all the endless possibilities the world has to offer. You might have a certain idea of how you want things to play out, but your ancestor want you to remember the universe’s plans are always grander and more fitting. So at this time release control and find comfort in the uncertainty.

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