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Tarot 101 Series: Who Will Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is here, and if you’re like me, you’re still in limbo as to how you’re spending it. Who will be my Valentine? What will we be doing? Is it even worth the energy this year?

Well, this month’s spread will give us all a sneak peek into our day! Below is the mock spread that I will be referencing throughout, but keep in mind this is not an actual reading. If something resonates, that’s cool too!

Let's get started!

Mock Spread

Card 1 - Overall energy and how the date will go This card will give you insight into the overall energy of your Valentine's Day. It can also show what the date will entail. Whether you know you are spending Valentine’s day alone or with someone, it does not hurt to get a feel for how this day will play out for you. In our mock spread, I pulled the Two of Cups, which is at the bottom of the spread because this is the base energy of our day. The Two of Cups tells us the chances of spending the day alone are very slim. The overall energy is union, love, and deep connections. If you pull this card, just know the only thing on you and your person’s mind is each other. As far as activities, whatever you two do will be more on the private side. No double dates or super public places. This could mean spending time at home or booking reservations at a private restaurant. Given the presence of Covid, this makes a lot of sense. This day could also end separation for many and get couples on the same page. Now, let's say you pulled the Ace of Swords - the overall energy will be that of clarity. No matter what happens on this day, you will have a better understanding of where your love life stands. Card 2- Physical attributes of my Valentine’s Day date This card will give you clues on your date’s appearance. Maybe you met them already or maybe this is what you should look out for. Tarot does not only pick up on past, present, and future energies, but it can describe our physical attributes as well.

So, I pulled the Page of Cups for this position. Cups can speak to someone who has soft features. Cups represent water signs so think of the attributes of these signs: round face, puppy eyes, short to medium height. Pentacles, for instance, would describe someone with a muscular physique and darker-colored hair; swords would describe someone with a long figure and either black or strong color hair. And with this card position, don’t be afraid to look at the physical attributes on the actual Tarot card. In the original Rider-Waite deck, the man being portrayed in the Page of Cups is wearing a bright-colored outfit, which suggests your date could be a flashy dresser. Maybe they have Leo or Libra placements as well. He also has his head covered up so this person could wear headwraps or have a protective style at this time. Again, with this card, really go for what you see. The more specific the better here. Card 3 - Personality traits of my Valentine’s date This card will describe your date’s personality. This card will also help you get even more of a confirmation for your date. Hopefully, at this point, you have a clue as to who this person is or whether you have met them or not.

In our mock spread, we pulled the Eight of Swords, which indicates this person could be an air sign or have prominent air placements. This person could also just be someone who overthinks and worries a lot. They could also be indecisive and possibly an introvert. If you pulled a wand, this person could be described as passionate and bold. If you pulled pentacles, your date could be hard-working and stable. If you pulled a major arcana, this is someone who is very significant in your life. If this person is an air sign, it’s best to be as clear and direct as possible, trust me lol. Card 4- What can I look forward to? This card will show you what you have to look forward to after the date, specifically what this special day/night will bring to your love life. This card is at the top of the spread because it represents something to look forward to. This card describes the forward motion in this connection, if there is any.

For our mock spread, we got the Ace of Pentacles. This is good if you want something serious with this person. Again, going back to the Two of Cups, this is an energy of union and commitment. With this spread, you most likely know the person and nothing serious has happened yet, but that is about to change. Pulling the Ace of Pentacles tells us that we can expect a serious offer after this date - definitely not one-night stand energy. If you are already in something serious, then this is you two taking it to the next level. Let’s say you pull the Tower card in this position. That would symbolize an unexpected moment that changes the course of this connection for the greater good, even though it might not feel like that at first. If you pulled a cup or minor arcana then this date could lead to some expression or acknowledgement of deeper emotions; wands would speak of some future action taking place. I hope this mock spread helped. Please feel free to comment and discuss what you got from your own spreads!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

- Symone Smith, @aquaa_cunt

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