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Tarot 101 Series: New Year Edition

Happy New Year to all who celebrate during this time! If you celebrate in the spring, this spread can apply then as well. This is my very own spread that I use for the General Life readings I offer my clients. It will allow you to see what’s to come and what you are leaving behind in the previous year. It will also help you see what lessons you should expect to learn and, of course, end with some advice from your spirit council.

Let’s get started!

Mock Spread

Card 1 - What is my current position going into the New Year?

This card will show you where you are currently both spiritually and physically as you enter the New Year.

As an example from my mock spread, the Knight of Pentacles in this position lets you know you are moving towards a more stable foundation. This year, you could buy your own house or expand your online business to a brick and mortar. This could also suggest marriage or a baby on the way. However, the knight is the slowest moving in tarot. This tells you this year is all about patience; even if things are not moving at your desired pace, that does not mean no movement at all.

Card 2 - What energy/mindset am I leaving in the previous year?

This card will show which beliefs or mindset you are throwing away for your better good! I put this card slightly behind card number 1 because this energy is behind you now.

For my mock spread, the Five of Pentacles in this position lets you know you are leaving behind a lack mindset. Five of Pentacles is like scoring a 50 on a test-more than likely that does not make you feel good, especially when you know you could’ve done better. You are leaving behind this feeling of inadequacy and self-pity. This card also speaks to not knowing where you belong or what you offer to the world. With the Knight of Pentacles representing your current position, you can see how you found your purpose and are now ready to offer that to the world. The knight card portrays someone who is holding a pentacle (offering) out in front of them and willing to give it to whoever or whatever will offer stability. No longer are you feeling left out in the cold; instead, you’re holding your head high and walking into any room with confidence.

Card 3 - What do I have to look forward to this year?

This card will show you what you should be excited about this year. It is in the top right corner because it shows the elevation and forward movement within your journey

The Six of Swords came out in this position for my mock spread. Now, swords aren’t always the most fun suit to get in this position, unless of course you’re an air sign or have many air placements, for swords represent air energy in Tarot. In this mock case, you can look forward to transitions, shifts, and taking more leaps of faith this year. To me, this card represents leaving something ok for something better. However, it can be mentally scary to change your course or approach. Remember though, you are leaving behind this doubtful energy coming into the new year and betting on yourself more. If you were someone who was super impulsive and you want to leave that behind, this card in this position can also show that. Simply put, this card is the beautiful balance between getting out of your head and being more intentional with your actions. The decisions you make this year will be for your greater good and will not cause you as much doubt and second-guessing.

Card 4 - What should I look out for this year?

This card will show you what mentalities, actions, people, etc., to pay attention to this year; this is something you do not want to ignore. Being on top of this will bring you peace and clarity this year.

The Six of Wands came out in this position. Now, the Six of Wands is a celebratory card that speaks to winning the battle and coming home to a party being thrown in your honor. So, what exactly is the thing to look out for? Overindulgence in fighting battles, maybe. Make sure this year is not always about the hunt or the fight. Learn to find success and fulfillment in the quiet moments. Sometimes we get nervous when we aren’t stressed or active. Allow yourself to rest and feel pampered by yourself and others more this year. You are still powerful even if you were not recently put through the wringer. Happiness is your birthright; make sure you X-out the things or people who make you feel like you have to fight every day for it.

Card 5 - Lessons of the year

This card will show you a general summary of some lessons you will learn this year.

*Pull as many cards as you need for this position.*

For my mock spread, the King of Cups came out in this position. The King of Cups speaks to an immense amount of love. The love that makes you want to protect, take care of and nurture someone or something. This includes tough love as well, like telling your best friend that her partner is no good for her because you hate seeing her sad about them all the time. This love is all about setting boundaries with someone because you want them in your life forever; it’s not always easy but it’s necessary if both want to continue the relationship. So, this year you will be learning lessons about true, genuine love-not the depictions we see on Disney. If love was on the backburner in previous years, expect it to take the passenger seat next to you. This is a very fitting card for 2022, or The Year of Union, as many are calling it. This is not just romantic love, though-again this is true unconditional love for all things in your life and for life itself.

Card 6 - Divine advice

This position is a final message from your guides.

The Ace of Swords came out in this position. Your guides want you to consistently work towards mental clarity. When you begin to feel overwhelmed and stagnant, take time to meditate and ground. Feeling unbalanced and lacking direction could mean you need to call your energy back because you have left it in too many places. Your guides are also advising you to remain open-minded and never get too much in your head to where you are cutting off opportunities for mental expansion.

- Symone Smith, @aquaacunt

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