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Tarot 101 Series: New Moon Edition

What is a new moon and how does it help with my spiritual journey?

A new moon is the very first lunar phase, where the celestial body is barely visible to the eye. In a way, I guess you can say it is when the moon is taking a much-needed break and going into hermit mode. And what comes after the Hermit in tarot? The Wheel of Fortune, which symbolizes old cycles moving out so new ones can begin. I have found that a great new moon ritual is writing down your current energy and future intentions. I found an amazing spread on Tumblr posted by a website, “The Black Cat Tarot,” that will assist us with this new moon ritual. Feel free to use any tarot deck that you have.

Let’s get started!

Mock Spread

Card 1 - Reflect: How do you feel about your current state of being?

This card position is going to show your current energy and attitude towards your life.

As an example from our mock spread, the Chariot card in this position informs you that you are confident and prepared to take on life and all that is sent your way. You are taking the lead, choosing a direction, and sticking with it. This card is telling us that you are in your warrior energy and showing up for yourself more now than ever.

Card 2 - What do you visualize for the near future? Where do you want to be?

This card position is going to show where you wish to be after this new moon.

As an example from our spread above, the Seven of Swords is telling us that you wish to be more protective of your energy and time. With the Chariot card in the present position, you are used to always showing up for people like their fairy godmother. However, that could be leaving you feeling drained and without resources. The Seven of Swords speaks to calling back your energy so you can recharge. Some people read this as a sneaky card but if your intentions are good then there is no need to worry. Visualize yourself stepping back, resting, and getting your resources in order. Visualize yourself not feeling depleted and having enough to help others.

Card 3 - Set Intentions.

This position will show you how to tangibly get the life you are visualizing.

The Lovers card, in this position from our mock spread, tells us to collaborate more and actually give people the space to reciprocate their energy. For example, you are doing a group project for class and you volunteer to do all the work while everyone else can just put their name on it. You cannot then be upset when you are left to do all the work. You took over and allowed others to slack. Usually, we do that because we like to control and have things go our way. However, if you are visualizing a life where you can pull back some and have others assist you, you need to allow them the opportunity to do so. There is a need for you to put your pride aside and actually let people help you.

Card 4 - Divine Message.

This position is a final message from your guides and higher self. This is our final card in the spread.

The Hierophant is in this position for our mock spread, telling us that you are not alone and you have so much guidance both in the physical and spiritual realm. You could be hyper-independent and find it very hard to rely on people or faith. Your guides want you to know there is no shame in asking for help; we all have different resources so that we can assist one another. Lastly, your guides want you to find a balance in your spiritual and physical lives because the future will call for you to help others with that as well.

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-Symone Smith, @aquaacunt

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