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Tarot 101 Series: My Personal Monthly Spread

Hi lovies! Happy April and Aries season to you all. I hope this month has started out as beautiful for you as it did for me, and if not, no need to fret because today we have a spread that’s going to give you all the deets on your month ahead.

I call this my personal spread because I use this layout all the time for my personal monthly readings. This spread is very simple but very informative. Now, I am slightly cheating because I also use oracle cards, so if you have a deck, don’t be afraid to bring it out! Also, never hesitate to pull some clarification cards to get even more tea. As always, this reading is not directed towards anyone, but if you find something that sticks, take it and run with it.

Lastly, the deck we are using for this spread is the SpiritSong Tarot deck. It uses different suits, so let’s clarify:

Acorns = wands

Feathers = swords

Shells = cups

Crystals = pentacles

Alright, seems like we’re ready to hop into this month’s spread! Let's get started!

Mock Spread

Card 1 - What is the overall energy for me this month?

This card position will give you insight on what to expect overall this month and the biggest takeaway or where all roads (other card positions) lead home.

For this position, we have the Two Crystals (pentacles). This card is all about making decisions and choosing, hopefully, what is best for you and what aligns you with your desired reality, which corresponds with the theme of this month. During Pisces season, you probably found it difficult to not only make decisions but to act on them as well. This Aries sun is here to push you and encourage you to just choose. Stop worrying about making the wrong decision or doing something that might set you back. The only thing setting you back is not making a decision at all. You will be bringing balance to your overthinking and impulsivity or wherever you feel you are imbalanced.

Card 2 - Self-love and self-care for this month

This card position will show you the relationship you have with yourself for the month. How are we loving and viewing ourselves this month?

We have the Justice card for this position. I interpret this as you treating yourself more fairly this month. You might notice that you give yourself the benefit of the doubt more as opposed to blaming yourself for everything that went different from your or others’ expectations. You might have been missing a really important piece of information that has contributed to your lack of decision-making, but this month you will be receiving some clarity.

You know the saying, “Take off the rose-colored glasses”? Well, this is the antithesis of that. The glasses you have been wearing have convinced you that things are worse than what they are. You are actually doing amazing and getting better at making the appropriate decisions for your life. Show yourself some love by cutting yourself some slack; you deserve it. I am also seeing more honest conversations that lead to you doing exactly what you want to do. I am hearing: no more tip-toeing around!

Card 3 - Love in April (or the month that you do a reading)

This card position will show you what you can expect from your romantic, platonic, and family relationships.

For this position, we got the Four of Crystals. So, this tells us that we can expect to address some of our controlling habits and the things we need to let go of so that we can experience our ideal version of love. You might be too close to some relationship and your spirit guides are encouraging you to release what you think you know and allow for more information to come in. Remember, you have clarity coming your way and it is for your higher good.

This card position will show you what you can expect from your romantic, platonic, and family relationships.

Figure out how you might be a little overbearing and unmovable when it comes to love. You are coming out of this stubborn cycle and allowing yourself to be more on the receiving end. Reflection and chilling out are key when it comes to love. Again, never hesitate to pull a clarifying card for further insight.

Card 4 - Financial flowers this month

This card position will show you how your finances will play out.

For this position we pulled the Four of Shells (cups). Now, I read this card as our world, or what makes up our personal world, such as the people, places, and things we care about whose absence would create a void or sense of lack. So, when it comes to finances you will have enough to maintain your world and keep up with your basic necessities. I wanted some clarification so I pulled another card and got the Four of Feathers (swords).

It seems you are in your head as to whether or not your finances can support your world. Your spirit guides want to remind you that when you’re in your head and too close to the situation you cannot see things clearly. Right now, you are still seeing through a lens that convinces you that you are incapable of making the best decisions to keep your world above water. This is not true. When you feel like this, get out of your head and into your actions. If you want to make more money, I almost guarantee that you have the ideas and know-how to make that happen. There is something fancy and expensive you want but don’t have the extra cash, so think outside the box and find a way. Remember the saying, “Where there is a will, there's a way.” Period.

Also, remember the overall energy: improving your ability to make better decisions. The way you have been doing things has led you to the road you are on now. So how about trying things differently so you can end up somewhere you’ve never been, experiencing something you never have?

Card 5 - Spirit guides’ advice for how to best navigate this month

Like many of my spreads, the last position of this spread is advice from spirit. For this position, an oracle deck can easily be substituted for a tarot deck. I personally love using my Moonology deck for this!

For this position, we pulled the Six of Cups. Your spirit guides want to remind you to start enjoying yourself this month. No matter what is going on, do not hesitate to smile and find beauty in the world around you. In the future, this month will be a part of your memories so let’s make sure we create good ones with ourselves and the ones we love.

- Symone Smith, @aquaa_cunt

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