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Tarot 101 Series: March Madness

It’s almost spring, and if you’re like me, you are very excited to say goodbye to winter and all the intense madness that it can bring, and hello to the fresh energy of the “new year.” However, before we hop into something new, it is always best to do a self-check in.

I wanted to share a spread that I have been recently using for my personal client readings. This spread is intended to give you insight on how March will play out and give advice on how to center and balance your world more. Do not be afraid to use this spread any other month as it will still be effective! Unlike my other mock spreads, I specifically asked about the collective that will read this. So do not be surprised if you find a message that resonates with you.

Let's get started!

Mock Spread

Card 1 - How am I showing up along my spiritual journey this month?

This card position will tell you how you are dedicating yourself to your spiritual and soul growth, what lessons you will be learning this month, and spiritual cycles you will be closing out or embarking on. This is all about your spiritual world.

For this position, I pulled the Queen of Swords. Swords are all about our thoughts, beliefs, logic, different communication styles and how we express ourselves. The Queen of Swords is someone who is very satisfied and content with how they express themselves. In fact, they are so satisfied that they no longer need to keep around unhealthy connections or mindsets in hopes of comforting them. This is someone who is ready to cut off anything that gets in the way of their growth and ascension. However, because swords are swift, sometimes the queen will cut someone/something off a little too quickly. That being said, this month you are releasing and cutting ties with something that is a toxin to your spiritual growth, but be thorough before you say goodbye to something forever. Dot your i's and cross your t’s - especially this month.

Card 2 - How is my physical world looking this month? What can I expect to physically happen?

This card position will tell you how your physical world will play out this month due to your current spiritual journey. This can refer to anything that makes up your physical world, including relationships, home life, work, finances, etc.

I pulled the powerful and majestic Magician for this position. This month, you can expect for your physical world to match the energy and effort you put into it. You will see just how much willpower you have to create your reality. Wherever you have been cutting it short, expect to get a reality check or tower moment, if you will. You can also expect to see some of your manifestations come into fruition. This is the energy of remembering to celebrate yourself and all your hard work because that motivates you to keep going. It’s important to see the fruit of our labor so that we don’t feel like any of the effort was a waste.

You could meet a Gemini or Aries, spend more time with one this month, or simply be embodying more of the energy of those signs. Because the Magician is a major arcana card, you should just expect for your physical world to get some major changes - ones that you have been ACTIVELY working towards. This month is not about random occurrences; it is about seeing the cause and effect of your actions, so be as intentional as possible for better results.

Card 3 - How can I better connect my spiritual and physical worlds?

This card position is very important because it gives you insight on how you can make this month smoother for you. With this card, your guides are advising you on how to better bring balance to your spiritual and physical worlds.

For this card position, I pulled the Nine of Cups, which is all about success and wish fulfillments. The best way I can explain it is like getting your first apartment or house, and you can feel your dreams becoming real. So, applying it to this position, you are being guided to work on gratitude. And I mean truly implement it into your everyday life. As much as you can this month, take a second to look around at how much progress you have made along your spiritual journey and how your physical world is full of things you once manifested and prayed for. Also, there is always going to be work so don’t hesitate to take a break and kick your feet up. You might have been experiencing burnout trying to do it all.

This month, your guides do not want you running yourself into the mud—how are you supposed to see all the good things happening to you? This is a marathon, not a race.

Card 4 - What can I expect to “bloom” this month?

Even if you are not doing this spread in the springtime, there is always something blooming for us. This card will tell you how you can expect to grow and evolve this month.

Now, I know when we see the Three of Swords we get kind of worried because it represents heartbreak and separation from something we were attached to. However, in this position, the Three of Swords holds a more beautiful meaning. Where you can expect to blossom and grow is the area in your life where you currently feel pain and dissatisfaction. Whatever has been causing your heart to feel heavy will suddenly bring you contentment and understanding. This is the energy of the sun finally shining on the flowers after months and months of harsh weather—the light at the end of the tunnel.

As always, feel free to pull an extra card of advice from your guides at the end of your spread to get that extra bit of reassurance and guidance. I hope this spread helps you as much as it helps me and my clients!

- Symone Smith, @aquaa_cunt

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