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New Moon in Scorpio: November 2021

This New Moon in Scorpio is very strong. Karma is clearing up and away to make room for higher lessons. It will mark the closing of a chapter that is stagnant and no longer nourishing to your body, mind, spirit, or soul. Any past judgments, blame, or resentment should be paid close attention to and wiped out from your energy field. Only positive visions and vibrations should be amplified, especially if working with a wounded shadow. There is a heightened awareness surrounding this time.

Take back your power and reclaim your sovereignty. We are coming to deeply understand how important our own governing bodies are in helping us feel grounded, supported, and safe. The new moon in Scorpio is enacting a fierceness that can no longer be contained or tamed by sugar-coating appearances. Presenting ourselves as "perfectly" packaged containers only inhibits our freedom. The moon asks us to cultivate more freedom in our lives by simply being honest. "The truth will set you free," as some would say.

During this time you may feel hidden truths coming to the surface. These energies seek to flow as naturally as water. Invite these truths in and allow them to take up their own space, even in stillness.


On this new moon, we are offered a shower/bathing ritual. This ritual will allow you to give thanks to your being and body, as well as clear out old energy. Through meditation and visualization, your showering/bathing experience can wash away fears, doubts, and insecurities.

Start by turning off any artificial light. Your mind and body need to be free of heavy intrusions during this practice. You will then light an adequate amount of candles to accompany your shower or bath.

It is optimal to begin with warm water to open up your pores and release any toxins and impurities. However, you are suggested to finish off your shower with a quick splash of cold water to tighten up and restore the body from everything released in the process.

While showering or bathing, meditate for a few minutes, bringing your awareness fully to your body. You can take a few moments to think about what the water feels like on your skin, how your body reacts to the temperature of the water, which smells are around you, or even taking notice of any particular areas holding tension.

Upon bringing your awareness to yourself, give thanks to each body part you interact with while cleansing your vessel. Thank your hands for writing, thank your legs for standing, thank your ears for listening. Pass on gratitude and positive vibrations to whichever centers of your body you feel need it most.

It is also very important to roll out your neck during this process.

Finally, close your eyes and envision the water as a light source. This water is pure light and love washing over you. The cascading waters carry revitalizing life force energy to restore and replenish your body. Each droplet that trickles onto you is absorbing lifetimes of blockages and simultaneously filling your body with knowledge and understanding.

Along with closing out your ritual with a splash of cold water, it is important to state what you wish to fully release during this full moon before blowing out your lit candles.

Below I have provided some suggestions to affirm:

  • I am ready to release my bad habits. I am ready to have healthy habits.

  • I am letting go of jealousy, bitterness, and greediness to remain loving, supportive, and giving.

  • I am letting go of anything and everything that no longer serves me in this new phase of my journey in order to make a comfortable space for blessings and opportunities aligned with my soul.

  • I release my anxieties and fears to stand in my truth.

  • I welcome further insights and shifts in perspective.

  • I am strong and resilient, and able to break through any obstacle in my way.

  • I let go of any attachments holding me back; I am flowing with love.

  • I am abundant and secure physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • I know who I am; I am one with my inner and highest self.

Sofia Mercedez, @starbeingsofia

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