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New Moon in Sagittarius: December 2021

We have reached the last new moon of this year! This new moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, extending a love for adventure, exploration, and expression. Sagittarius is always searching for thrill and excitement. The theme we are being presented with has to do with leaving one's comfort zone in order to find something much greater. Additionally, there is a solar eclipse occurring. This eclipse has the ability to power up manifestations. It also allows the shadow to thrive and confidently come out to play. Inner desires and visions are the focal point during this time. Although the year is ending and there are doors closing, this new moon and solar eclipse are conductors of change and reflection. You are granted a clean, blank slate. It is of great importance to truly meditate and not hold on to anything that no longer serves you if you wish to be free.

This new moon can feel quite chaotic and eye-opening all at once, as truths are revealed and no longer held back from public opinion. We are finding that masking, hiding, and suppressing have affected our health mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Your greatest strength at this time will be to make peace and comfort with this darkness while knowing you are still moving forward in one way or another. It may feel like you are blindly walking towards a new path. This can be intimidating and daunting but rest assured it is a path best suited for you. You will cultivate freedom in your life by surrendering to the unknown. You are encouraged to push yourself to think outside of the box. This is how the greatest ideas occur. Your answers and solutions to roadblocks are not going to find themselves in the same places you have remained stuck. Let this be a time to learn and find wisdom in areas where you have lacked gratitude.

The echo chambers we place ourselves in have left us restless thus far. Yet, it has shown us the amplification of energy built up along this year. This is guiding us in new directions, ones where our spirit feels safe and accepted. Planting seeds of intention and manifestations now and during this new moon will bring fruitful outcomes in these upcoming months. New business routes or new artistic endeavors are likely to find their safe space under this new moon as well. Pay focus to your strengths and gifts at this time. You were born with unique and powerful tools.

Do not hold onto or absorb any energy that is not directly part of your human experience. We get to choose what resonates with us and what does not as we learn of new mindsets and belief systems that exist in this world. By authentically living out your truth and loudly expressing your genuine self, you may face judgement, but you also set an example for others looking to step out of their box and into their expansive true selves. Anyone who may seemingly back away from you during this time may simply not be ready to take the same strides as you in the same direction as you. Finding your community and soul tribe will require uncovering parts of yourself you have not fully embraced. It will also require compassion. There are many shared stories and experiences that you may not fully understand but are shown to you for a reason far greater than to cause confusion. You are going through a new form of sorting through listening.

Fasting can be greatly beneficial at this time in order to pay full focus to what your body and soul are communicating to you. Avoiding smoking and alcohol will also help to combat any unwanted energy from disrupting this time of manifestation and clearing.


It is important to rest and recharge for this new moon. There is high vibrational energy all around but vast amounts of wisdom will come from sitting still and allowing the flow of life to carry you as is necessary. Moving abruptly or without intention can cloud your judgements and make for feelings of anxiety rather than excitement for the future. A cleansing bath or shower is recommended to soothe your ethereal body from head to toe.

Whether you choose to take a bath or a shower, gather your favorite essential oils. Adding a few drops to your bath will invigorate and enlighten you. You can place a few drops on the palms of your hands as well as the soles of your feet to absorb the full properties of the oils you choose. Lavender, Frankincense, Oregano and Patchouli essential oils are a few of my personal favorites! I find that a combination of these oils grounds me and allows me to concentrate more intently on my own energy.

Aside from this, it is most important to simply rest and get sleep. Your body needs to process and regenerate even in its sleep/dream state.

Lastly, on a single sheet of paper, write down one manifestation you are working towards focusing on. Keep this beneath your pillow or inside of your pillow case for the next few days. You can remove it and store it elsewhere when you feel inclined to. Do not throw it away.

May your deepest desires and dreams continue to unfold before your eyes!


  • I am guided in new directions regularly, each time discovering more about my inner self.

  • I am ready for exponential growth.

  • I seek to meet my highest self.

  • I will discover new and improved ways of living.

  • I will use my creativity to manifest a new beginning.

Sofia Mercedez, @starbeingsofia

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