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New Moon in Libra: October 2021

Collaboration, understanding, teamwork. First and foremost, identifying your most important relationship in your life currently will assist you with finding a partner to help you clear up any roadblocks you feel when dealing with emotional responses of your own. You may have found it difficult to reach out for support in the past, leaving yourself to find every explanation and solution possible to make those around you feel the most comfortable following your emotional reaction. This causes the most discomfort internally as you are no longer caring for yourself, but those around you in your time of need.

This new moon aids us in harmonizing and furthering our relationships through honesty, passion, and the movement of long-standing stagnant energy. The undertones of passion can be taken as frustration and anger. Since we do not wish to incite or maximize these harsh energies, we instead can see this now as an opportunity to implement healthy, positive change rapidly. You will find that you can kickstart and carry out this change much more effectively with a team behind you.

Our time, attention, and efforts should be directed to the love we deserve. No longer wanting to feel restless, ask yourself, “Honestly, where am I ready to transform?”

Sit in meditation and also ask yourself, “What is my life purpose?” This question was posed to me almost a decade ago by my Libra brother when I decided to run away from my childhood home. I had no other answer for him or myself other than “to love and be loved.” This simple question led me to an answer I have carried with me through intention.

New Moon in Libra Affirmations:

I am deserving of giving and receiving love.

I compare myself to my highest self.

I manifest a cooperative, supportive partner in my life.

I harness my power to transform any situation possible.

I call in uplifting energy to accomplish my goals.

I better myself each and every day to reach my maximum potential.

I reflect on my life and decisions to turn my dreams into reality.

Positive growth surrounds me and my loved ones.

I am whole, I am complete, I am love.

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