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Mercury Retrograde 2021: Rx Libra 09/27-10/2

Buckle up ladies, gents and people! The last Mercury Retrograde of the year is here.

With Mercury being in Libra for this Rx, relationships will be the highlight of this retrograde period. With Venus-ruled Libra adding her flair to the retrogrades energy, we will be diving deep into what's under the surface of our partnerships. Retrogrades always bring deeper issues to the surface for us to re-evaluate how we’re managing the aspects of our lives that the current retrograde influences.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra is calling our attention to the ways our current relationships need to be brought into balance. Any imbalances in give or take, power and communication will be brought to light. This energy can be constructive or destructive, depending on the willingness of both parties to grow or to stay stuck in their current toxic behaviors that contribute to the unhealthy cycles being addressed.

Mercury in Libra also calls for us to look at how we're delivering what we have to say and how we're treating people when doing so. Libra is ruled by the scales of justice. Any unfair treatment is not tolerated under Libra's objective view for fairness. Circling back to the Venusian influence over Libra's objectivity, we will see that manners and delivering our words in an eloquent, balanced fashion is the true Libra way which will gain you favor and more harmony during this retrograde purge (lol).

Putting all of these themes together lead to a larger responsibility... creating, maintaining and honoring shared boundaries in our partnerships while honoring our own boundaries and the other persons boundaries as well. Learning to develop a mutual respect and intuitive connection on what your partnership needs will ensure a lasting, harmonious effort that will keep your bond thriving and full of potential.

So get ready to be nice, be accountable and be fair while working through any communication issues this retrograde. Libra helps us develop an objective sense of empathy by encouraging us to see both sides of the partnership experience.

As most moms and teachers have always said, treat others the way you want to be treated. Mercury Retrograde in Libra said, "It's that simple girl, pull it together."

Let's fight retrograde with our fists of understanding and compromise! 💕🎉💫

- Danielle Ayoka, @MysticxLipstick

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