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Full Moon in Pisces: September 2021

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

This moon's presence has created catalysts for new beginnings in this life here and now. We have transitioned from the moon in Virgo, where we laid down a foundation of practicality for our destined future ahead of us. Whether it was settling finances and balancing budgets, paying off debts to release weight, tidying up spaces for peace of mind, listing out the pros and cons of a situation, or simply implementing a new system in your life that allows you to flow.

Amongst loved ones, we are starting to see each other's soul essence, for many have upheld certain beliefs and systems around each other based on what is practical in this world rather than fulfilling. As we approach the fourth quarter of the year, beginning October 1st, we are restless yet motivated to throw out what no longer works for us.

Full Moon in Pisces is asking us to release and let go, but return to spiritual order if we are being called to a higher purpose. Your grip on reality may be shattering, but it is only to fit your pieces together into your own masterful mosaic. Anything in one's life that seemed unacceptable previously is being welcomed because the tools are finally in your hands to make a change. If you are in pain — mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, ask yourself how far this pain may go back. Have you freed yourself from this?


As this moon affects all bodies (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual), I suggest a Palo Santo body cleanse.

Light your Palo Santo stick in the comfort of your own environment. Upon lighting it, watch as the flame dances and expands, envisioning the warmth of the fire within yourself. Once you have blown out the flame, take in the clean and crisp aroma being let out, provided to us by Gaia. Starting wherever you feel drawn to, wave the Palo Santo stick over your body parts, showering your physical body with the soft smoke. Pay extra attention to your chest and shoulder areas as much weight has been put here.

Clean your homes. Wipe down the countertops, door handles, and appliances. Dust your shelves and, organize your reading material. Sweep up and out any dust or dirt that has settled in your space. Let this serve as a reminder that this must be habitual in order to see clearly. We must make space for the new by ridding ourselves of specks of old.


I have provided a list of intentions to write on a clean sheet of paper to release for this full moon. If you are called to let go of anything else no longer serving you, feel free to write them down on your list as well!

  • I release outdated belief systems that stifle my personal growth

  • I release the need to follow expectations rather than intuition

  • I let go of relationship structures I have followed rather than created

  • I let go of continuing to exist outside of myself

  • I let go of the idea that I need to be someone for somebody

  • I am releasing the burden of others I have picked up unwillingly

  • I am releasing control and cultivating freedom in my life

  • I no longer seek to be understood by others until I choose to understand myself

  • I no longer create problems for myself by denying my truth

Once you have completed your list, light it on fire. When your list has finished burning, look up to the sky as you have given your burdens up to the universe. Then, avert your focus to your hands, and give them thanks and appreciation for their manifestation powers.

Sofia Mercedez, @starbeingsofia

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