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Card of the Week: The Moon

“The moon is always there even when we can’t see it.”

- K tolnoe

The Moon is the most mysterious and elusive card in Tarot. This card speaks to emotions, dreams, lies, and imagination. The Moon card can bring up a lot of what someone is hiding or secretly going through; the surrounding cards in the spread are important to note exactly what these secrets are and why they are being hidden.

The actual moon takes up almost half of the card in many Tarot decks; in the Rider Waite version, it is shown in it’s crescent and full moon phases. There is a dog and wolf howling at it, and according to The Only Tarot Book You’ll Ever Need, both these animals represent our opposite tendencies: “ the wolf, the untamed inner animal nature; and the dog, the domesticated, daily persona we show to the world.”

At the bottom of the card, we see a crab coming out of the water, which represents Cancerian energy as Cancer is ruled by the moon. This is a huge reason why many people say Cancers can be emotional and moody. I mean, can you imagine being ruled by something that changes every two to three days? The stream of water from which the crab comes speaks to the connection between the tides and the moon. The patch of grass that the wolf and the dog are standing on represents the connection between the moon and the earth, reminding you that grounding yourself to the physical world is always important.

This card embodies both our instinctive and intentional actions; it asks us to find a way to bring balance to both.


Past: The Moon card in the past position can show a time in your life where things were pretty fuzzy and unclear. Now, this could be you keeping secrets and just operating at a more low-key level. Or you could feel like so much was hidden from you, by your guides or people in your life. Whatever the case might be, you have left behind this mysterious energy and have more light shining on the matters in your life. This light comes from you tapping more into your psychic abilities and your very own emotions. Once you got a handle on how you were feeling, you were better able to pick up on others and see what was actually going on and not just what you imagined to be happening.

Present: Currently, you could be having really prophetic dreams and downloads. You could be getting messages and clarity from things like music, books, or even billboards. When this card comes out in the present position, your intuition is heightened for your greater good. The answers that you seek are being presented to you but you must actually look and try to find them. However, be careful that you are being rational at this time and not just taking everything as a sign. Remember, the Moon card also speaks to grounding yourself to the physical world, so you must still prioritize the reality of your situation.

If you got a reading and it says that your partner is cheating, the best thing to do is have an actual conversation with your partner and not just go off that one message. Everything you do can not be run by intuitive hits and emotions. When you find that balance, you won't feel so uprooted by your own intuition and gut feelings.

Future: Moving towards the future, it might be in your best interest to prioritize your intuition more. This is the energy of someone who walks by sight and not by faith. It will help you better navigate your future if you accept that some things you just will be unclear about, but not forever.

Matters in your life will soon feel unclear and foggy. Look at your own actions and see how you are contributing to them; are you saying what you actually feel? Are you validating your emotions or trying to shut them out? Are you paying attention to the signs and synchronicities being sent your way or just chalking them up to coincidences?

To make your future easier, try to be as honest with yourself and others as possible, and know that whatever mysterious energy is still surrounding is for your greater good. More answers will be revealed to you in due time.


*Disclaimer: Reading tarot cards in reverse is totally up to the reader. There are many who choose not to. There is no right way to do it; go with your intuition. For some readers, a reverse means that the energy of that card cannot manifest into reality due to a block. So if you are someone who chooses to not read reversed cards you may skip this part, however if you are that reader, keep reading!

Remember to always be authentic with your spiritual practices.*

​The Moon card in reverse speaks to someone who allows the not-so-good aspects of the moon to run rampant in their life and cause fear and anxiety. This card can easily mean something bad or something good. It all depends on how you treat your emotional body, intuition, and instincts. When this card comes out reversed, you could be allowing the mysterious energy surrounding you to cause some type of anxiety in your life. You could be neglecting your self-care. Your third eye could be in overdrive and need some rest.

Relying on our intuition helps us greatly, but how great is your intuition when you are getting no sleep, eating terribly, and getting no sun and fresh air? You might be in desperate need of a self-care day and rest. As my handy tarot guide book puts it, “You have allowed the pressures of the outside world to throw you off balance, and you feel disconnected from your true self. It’s time to rest and reflect.”


​You are being advised to listen to your gut and surrender to the unknown. If you are looking for specific answers in a specific way and being unsatisfied with what you receive, it is because your guides want you to trust yourself more. Maybe you are getting too many readings and allowing others to create the narrative. Take back control of your life by just sitting with your own intuition and emotions. How we feel about something dictates how we handle something. So if you are ignoring your feelings then you are not really doing what you really want to do. You could be in impulsive energy and your guides are advising that you slow down and reflect. Try sitting under the moon and journaling, writing out manifestations and things you want to release. The answer is already within you; you just have to cancel out the noise around you. At this time, your voice is the only one you need to hear.

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