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Card of the Week: The High Priestess

“A tarot reading is a synchronistic conversation that employs deliberately random use of archetypal artwork to open up possibilities, create self-awareness and explore potentialities in the lives of the participants. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.”

Philippe St. Genoux

(Pisces Virgo, Cancer)

“The High Priestess is the most mysterious card, representing secret knowledge. She symbolizes feminine spiritual power, or the goddess from whom all life comes and to whom all returns (Alexander and Shannon 65).”

As a symbol of her willingness to share her knowledge, she often appears seated in front of a church or temple. She sits between two opposing columns, representing the duality of good and bad, light and dark, or intuition and fact. She is associated with the third eye, which speaks to imagination, clarity, and universal connection.

Numerology plays a crucial role in understanding tarot, which is why I will speak often about it. High Priestess is the number two trump card (major arcana), which represents a relationship or union. You can see this as the union of your intuition and actions. The High Priestess asks you to reconcile your spiritual and physical worlds. You won't be happy if you try to keep the two mutually exclusive.


Past: This represents past use of your intuition. For example, you feel your friend has been acting shady towards you; you address the friend and learn your intuition was correct. Yes, this hurts you, and if you stop being friends with them, it will hurt even more...momentarily. The good news is you now have closure and clarity. You are better prepared for the future due to trusting and acting on your intuition.

Nevertheless, the High Priestess also speaks to passivity. Perhaps in the past you noticed shady friends but didn't say anything. This only stagnates your intuition and leaves you with major doubts in the future. Our intuition should not only be acknowledged, but acted upon as well.

Present: You are currently diving headfirst into your spiritual journey, and the possibilities are endless. Taking action in the past may have required hard, cold facts, but since your spiritual ascent, you are able to validate your intuition and balance the physical and spiritual worlds even more. By practicing speaking with your ancestors, working with crystals, journaling, and eating healthily, you can develop your third eye further. These are also some great ways to manifest!

Virgo is associated with the High Priestess, and people born under this sign are known for their analytical, critical, and perfectionistic natures. Therefore, don't overthink what's happening in your life right now. Do what you feel is best because that's all you can do.

Future: Expect to discover new psychic abilities; maybe a new clair sense such asclairaudience or clairvoyance. It is possible that you meet someone who practices reiki, reads tarot, or teaches astrology. Whatever their spiritual skill or knowledge is, they want to share it with you. Soon, you may be that person for someone else.

Rider- Waite's version shows a crescent moon lying by the High Priestess' feet, a symbol of the need to be careful with whom we share our knowledge. Not everyone will hold it in the sanctity and light it requires. During this time, work on your discipline and have protective practices in place.


*Disclaimer: Reading tarot cards in reverse is totally up to the reader. There are many who choose not to. There is no right way to do it; go with your intuition. For some readers a reversed means that the energy of that card cannot manifest into reality due to a block. So if you are someone who chooses to not read reversed cards, you may skip this part, however if you are that reader, keep reading!

Remember to always be authentic with your spiritual practices.*

Blue, which is associated with the throat chakra and water (emotions), appears prominently in the High Priestess card imagery. When reversed, it symbolizes a need to improve your communication skills and feel your feelings without overanalyzing them. Right now, you are too wrapped up in the physical world to see the forest for the trees. Instead of hiding from the world in your shell, let go of whatever outcome you have in your head, and reevaluate the situation. We can feel a lot more scared when we think we have to face things alone. The High Priestess tells us we don't have to; we just have to open our mouths and get out of our heads.

Now is the time to ask your guides/ancestors how you are standing in the way of your spiritual ascent. You would pull a clarifying card in this situation, which we will talk about when we discuss the different types of spreads.


Every time she appears, the High Priestess gives guidance; she's a teacher. She's like an elder who always drops gems, but sometimes serious on you and tells you what you need to hear. The High Priestess in this position wants you to recognize your spiritual power and abilities because they were given to you for a reason—to help. If you ignore your gifts and intuition, who can you help? Furthermore, who can you protect yourself from if you don't even know you have anything worth protecting? A high priestess holds a book that is said to be the Akashic Records, a divine record of every life living or ever lived. Because not everyone has the best intentions, you need to be more protective of yourself and your knowledge. In addition, you may be doing a lot of talking and not enough listening.

It is when we are quiet and still that we can hear our intuition best.

Alexander, Skye, and Mary Shannon. The Only Tarot Book You'll Ever Need. 2019 ed., vol. 1, New York, Adams Media, 2019. 1 vols.

Symone Smith, @aquacunt

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