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Card of the Week: The Empress

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

“One should learn to connect the bridge between the heart and the mind. That's what crowns you with eternity, and makes you the master of your own life rather than a slave of someone else's.”

- Author: Iva Kenaz

(Aries, Libra, Cancer)

The Empress is a combination of the Queen of Cups, the Queen of Swords, the Queen of Pentacles, and the Queen of Wands. Many Greek goddesses are connected to her, including Zeus' wife, Hera. She is usually depicted in a garden or field, symbolizing fruitfulness and abundance or the archetype of Venus. Regardless of whether she is drawn as pregnant or not, the Empress is a symbol of fertility, a great sign for those who are planning parenthood. In many decks, she has a coat draping over the throne representing her protection. When the Empress shows up, just know powerful feminine energy is surrounding you.

I like to think of The Empress as a mixture of The Magician and High Priestess—willful yet magical.


Past: In the past, you might have felt secure, valued, and abundant, almost as if a red carpet was rolled out to land you exactly where you are today. You might have also felt the need to be the peacemaker among everyone around you, always looking for solutions.

Perhaps you decided to step out of that role and release more control into the universe. In those moments when you encounter doubt, remember you are blessed and abundant and that you are always protected.

Present: You are in a state of harmony and creativity right now. Your inner and outer worlds are working together better than they have ever before. You might be taking on the role of a nurturer, mother, or child care provider. Projects you start now will flourish and thrive. People around you will recognize this beautiful energy and want to experience it with you. It is crucial that you are cautious of energy vampires during this time.

Future: The Empress is similar to the Magician here; blessings will be poured upon you. Whether you are seeking love, friends, pregnancy, etc., she promises to bring you everything you have ever wished for. The manifestations could be a result of good karma for embodying healing and nurturing energy. In my opinion, the Empress differs from the Magician in that she promises you AND your loved ones sufficient fruitfulness. Now is not the time for selfishness! You may be deemed unqualified to hold the position of an Empress by the universe.


*Disclaimer: Reading tarot cards in reverse is totally up to the reader. There are many who choose not to. There is no right way to do it; go with your intuition. For some readers a reversed means that the energy of that card cannot manifest into reality due to a block. So if you are someone who chooses to not read reversed cards you may skip this part, however if you are that reader, keep reading!

Remember to always be authentic with your spiritual practices.*

In reverse, the Empress is asking you to return to yourself. Your sacrifices have left you with drained energy. While you are focusing on helping others, you are neglecting what you should be doing for yourself. In this position, the Empress is equivalent to putting on someone else's oxygen mask before your own when a plane is about to crash. Is it possible to save anyone else if you are unable to save yourself?

The universe does not need any savior or martyr; it simply needs people who are trying their best to be the best versions of themselves. Cut yourself some slack during this time and you can change this to the upright position.

A creative block might be at play as well. Take a break and remind yourself of your passions and what your soul is calling you to do.


With the Empress in this position, you are being advised to work on your geniality. Think of your ideal bed and breakfast — how would you want the staff to act? Try embodying that energy. This is not a green light to be a people pleaser, but a reminder that you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. Work on adjusting your attitude because you could be acting like a diva to those around you, which is causing them to turn away.

Lastly, this would be a great time to reign in your spending habits as well. You could be “treating yourself” to a life that is currently above your means.

Symone Smith, @aquacunt

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