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Card of the Week: Knight of Wands

“Happiness consists in activity. It is a running stream, not a stagnant pool.” - John Mason Good

The Knight of Wands is often depicted as a young male figure who is riding a horse with a wand/stick in hand. The background is usually just open land without too many mountains (obstacles) and water (emotions); the knight is more action-oriented. The horse’s front legs are usually midair, representative of the knight’s excitement and joy for the adventure he is embarking on. He is usually in full body armor, protected and prepared for whatever is to come while he is on this adventure/quest.

In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, this card is usually very colorful and lively, which again speaks to its high energy and optimistic nature. Knights are usually messengers, so when this card comes out, you can expect some exciting and fresh news to come your way. Anyone can take on the role of a knight, so you could be receiving this message from a friend, family member, lover, or even a spirit guide. Whatever the message is can and will dictate your actions, so it’s important to listen and pay attention when this card comes out. Knights are often trustworthy and a reliable source. If you are asking about a specific person and this card comes out in the reverse, the individual in question could be a little untrustworthy and you’re being advised to keep an eye on them.


Past: You could have recently started a new job, gone on a trip, attended some type of social event, or got some really stirring news. If this card comes out for you, this could also symbolize that in the past you were more excited about the things you were doing and the activities that made up your life. If you feel that you no longer resonate with this energy in the present, then try to figure out what changed and how you can get back to that excitable energy.

Present: Knight of Wands in the present position speaks to someone who is eagerly anticipating doing something or going somewhere. Think of when you were younger and you got excited for the first day of school, so excited that you picked out your outfit days ahead and could not even sleep the night prior because you were that eager to see friends and meet new people. That’s the Knight of Wands. This could also speak to a specific person who is in your life; you could describe them as jolly and ambitious, always ready for the next adventure. This could be you as well. Lastly, you should pay attention to the messages/signs/symbols being sent to you as they will help you take the right step forward.

Future: In the future, you can expect to get more energy and ambition for your endeavors. Maybe you have been feeling stagnant in your present or past energies and now you are ready to get back on the horse. Your guides are reminding you that things will begin to take off soon and you will not be in the same position as you are right now. Are you ready?


*Disclaimer: Reading tarot cards in reverse is totally up to the reader. There are many who choose not to. There is no right way to do it; go with your intuition. For some readers a reversed means that the energy of that card cannot manifest into reality due to a block. So if you are someone who chooses to not read reversed cards you may skip this part, however if you are that reader, keep reading!

Remember to always be authentic with your spiritual practices.*

The Knight of Wands reversed does not change the message too much. It could show that things might be a little delayed at this time. For example, you have been planning a summer trip with bae for months and the day has finally come to board the plane. You then get an email from the airlines saying that your flight was changed to three days later; you are still going to go on the trip (hopefully) but you will have to wait a little while longer. This can also represent you moving away from something or turning your back to it. Recently, you could have gotten intimidated or hesitant about embarking on something or saying something and now you are just falling back, or this could be someone falling back from you. Apply it to your situation as need be.


The Knight of Wands could be advising you that it’s time to get up and take action. You could have become stagnant and complacent, which is causing you to lose focus and motivation, two things we need in this life to keep the wheel turning. Maybe you have been unhappy at a job and unable to move up the ranks, an indication that it’s time to go elsewhere. Maybe you are with someone who doesn’t see themselves getting married but you want to get married within the next two years, which could mean it’s time to separate yourself so you can align with someone who desires the same thing. Whatever the case might be, your guides are advising you get back on the horse and put yourself out there so that new opportunities and people can find you.

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- Symone Smith, @aquaa_cunt

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