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Astroscopes: Week of November 22nd to November 28th

Astro Vibe of the Week:

Welcome to Sagittarius season! Now that we are coming off a life-altering eclipse on our way out of Scorpio season, it is time to let the dust settle and welcome in new insights and expanded horizons.

The archer awakens our desire for exploration. And as it spreads cheer in the air ahead of the holiday season, it comes bearing presents, namely, a flurry of planetary alignments that deescalate the drama that has been in the air lately.

Venus has officially entered its post-shadow phase but one of the benefits of its gradual slowed motion is the extended sextile it’s forming to Scorpio in Mars all week.

On Monday, the Cancer moon sextiles Taurus Uranus at the Pisces-ruled 12 degree. There’s a strong impulse to seek refuge in nostalgia to escape pressing responsibilities we may not feel like dealing with.

On Tuesday, the sun crosses the South Node, beckoning us to revisit past acquired knowledge and rethink the ways in which we assert our free will using the compounded knowledge we’ve collected in this life and previous lifetimes.

The middle of the week has a little tension as the Leo Moon opposes Saturn while Mercury newly ingressed into Sagittarius links up to the south node. Some karma surrounding actions taken on knowledge acquired could be circling back once and for all.

The week ends with a powerful Mercury Cazimi at the Virgo-ruled 6 degree. Take some time to meditate on the ways in which you’d like to see your world expand in the coming few weeks. Insight garnered on that day could help formulate intentions for the upcoming Sagittarius new moon on December 4th.

Aries Sun/Aries Rising: You’re reconfiguring your understanding of the world and starting off Sag season by revisiting an area of knowledge you haven’t explored in a while with the aim of looking at it with new eyes. Where do you find truth, and how does it inspire you to keep moving? Your home space comes bearing some of these answers at the start of the week. Safe in your personal space, you’re able to channel your most hidden desires and find ways to reconcile them with your goals. Suddenly, it seems like anything is possible as long as you believe in your ability to transform your emotions into tangible, exacting actions. Towards the middle of the week, you move into a creative mindset but might be feeling a little pressure to outdo yourself in that area. Fall back on knowledge previously garnered and let the wisdom of those lessons guide you back to a clear vision. By the end of the week, you’re being meticulous about your routine, and you’re nudged by a spark of genius pushing you to put your money where your mouth is.

Taurus Sun/ Taurus Rising: This season invites you to examine the ways you share yourself with others. What walls do you put up, and what is it that they’re meant to protect you from? The Cancer moon at the start of the week is encouraging you to be more vocal about the feelings you keep tucked deep in the folds of yourself. You find your strength by using the right words to speak on issues you’ve been quietly contemplating in your relationships. By giving yourself permission to be vulnerable, you find that your words aren’t falling on deaf ears, and those closest to you are ready to move mountains to bring about your desires. The middle of the week sees you immersing yourself in the comfort of your home, intent on pouring all your creative juices into your personal space. You’re feeling carried by an empowering boost in your shared resources that is facilitating the realization of all your desires. Be sure that your vision matches your goals, but as you could be prone to dissatisfaction, don’t surrender to impulses that could undo all the work you’ve put in so far. The end of the week is filled with romance and dreams of togetherness in an ideal world.

Gemini Sun/ Gemini Rising: With the sun having ingressed in your sister sign, you’re paying closer attention to the relationships that populate your world, Gemini. Think back on how your inner circle has changed and evolved over the years. Who’s the one person you can always count on, and how has that bond morphed over time? The start of the week has you reflecting on your personal values, and you’re expressing much of what’s on your mind to your colleagues, prompting everyone to act based on your ideas. Sudden insight about the way you perceive yourself comes to you by way of dreams, and it’s encouraging you to expand your goals. In the middle of the week, you’re putting these realizations to work in your day-to-day life. Your attention turns towards your home space at the end of the week, and while there may be some tension between family and a partner, there’s overall good energy that leads to a breakthrough in your relationship and feeds into your career and ambitions.

Cancer Sun/ Cancer Rising: You’re overhauling your entire lifestyle and rethinking your routine over the next few weeks, Cancer. Committed to making big changes and getting back in shape, you find support amidst a group of friends, trusted partner, and a creative goal that keeps you going. What do you see when you look in a mirror? How do you relearn to love the parts of you others may have shunned you for? The middle of the week tests your value system with some tensions around personal and shared resources. Lean into a partner’s support to navigate any hiccups as a team. Your friends could also come through with a creative solution to your issues. At the end of the week, realizations concerning your health and lifestyle trigger deeper conversations with a partner that can lead to inspired action, but be wary of the information you receive and make sure you do your due diligence to verify the knowledge garnered during that time.

Leo Sun/ Leo Rising: Your creative powers are hyped up over the next few weeks, Leo, and you’re circling back on projects you might have left on the backburner a while back. As you’re feeling Midas’ touch fuel your desire to create beauty, ask yourself: How can creativity be harnessed to enrich the world you move in? The start of the week is a good time to meditate on this matter as the moon is in the introspective part of your chart. Writing down your dreams can provide you with the key you need to put your plans into action. The middle of the week has you hyper aware of your emotions, and as your ideas crystalize and begin to take concrete shape, you might find yourself rushing a little too fast for a partner to keep up. Make sure that as you’re carried by this gust of inspiration, those who intimately share your life don’t get left behind struggling to keep up with you. The weekend offers a nice opportunity to patch up any misunderstandings. You’re driven to spend more on leisurely activities, but as you do so, make sure your wallet is able to keep up as there’s a risk of overestimating your budget.

Virgo Sun/ Virgo Rising: Sag season has you rethinking what makes a family over the next three weeks as you revisit your definition of home. You’re feeling nostalgic about your childhood or places where you grew up. But before you get carried away in these fantasies, consider that nostalgia often contains an element of trickery and the good memories that you’re holding on to don’t have to be your last. What makes a home or a family an inviting space that supports your growth? What can you harness from past experiences to build this safe space? The start of the week has you turning to friends who act as sounding boards cheering you on as you express your ideas out loud to a world that is dying to hear your take on matters. You’re feeling more closed off in the middle of the week and might temporarily retreat from view to rethink home matters due to feeling pressured by a slightly overwhelming routine that is stressing you out. The weekend finds you back in the spotlight asserting yourself within your family and coming to the realizations you’ve been seeking.

Libra Sun/ Libra Rising: You’re brimming with opinions on every matter under the sun, Libra. And you are preaching gems to anyone within earshot as you come to understand new aspects of an old issue this Sag season. What messages serve your purpose? And what ideas are best left behind? The start of the week has you deeply focused on your career, and your steadfastness is paying dividends. You’re having to pull a bit of a balancing act between home and work but you’re feeling supported by the structured routine you’ve set up for yourself and breeze through any hiccups without much pain. During the middle of the week, your friends are inspiring you to further express yourself with pride and confidence in the knowledge you’re sharing. There could be some creative differences that are conflicting with how you share your insights online, but your loved ones are here to help see you through any discomfort you might face. The week ends on an introspective note as you’re withdrawing away from the crowds to retreat back to your home.

Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Rising: After a month spent overhauling your image, you got your eye on your bag this season, Scorpio. A lot of this process starts with a reevaluation of your ways of being and your shifting relationship to your personal possessions. What things do you surround yourself with that enrich your life with meaning? What just takes up space and clutters your energy? The start of the week has you feeling expansive and eager to absorb new knowledge. You’re focused on teaching yourself new tricks that’ll change the way you operate within your personal relationships and present yourself to the world. The middle of the week has you contemplating your goals, but some pressure from your family or your home space could be throwing you off. Stand your ground in your values and lean into the information you’ve been garnering to support you through any obstacles. The week ends on a social note. You’re out and about with friends and finding inspiration in your surroundings.

Sagittarius Sun/ Sagittarius Rising: Happy birthday, Sagittarius! It is your time to rise and shine and spread your cheer all around! As you’re receiving graceful beams from the cosmos over the next three weeks, you start off your season rethinking your appearance and contemplating previous ways of being. Is your image in alignment with the person you’re becoming? How do you assert yourself with grace and unapologetically take up space in a world that is more than ready to welcome you? Deep transformative feelings are urging you to reexamine behavior patterns that are stemming from unhealed parts of yourself at the start of the week. Towards the middle of the week, you’re seeking knowledge that is allowing you to transcend limitations and ushering you into your next iteration. You might feel pressured to find the right words to articulate what it is that you’re seeking but you’d do well to let your intuition guide you outside of the restrictions of language. The end of the week has you rethinking goals, and as you get insights on your next steps, your ambitions become clearer.

Capricorn Sun/Capricorn Rising: Rest is the keyword for the next few weeks, Capricorn. You are discreetly retreating from your surroundings to do some deep work aimed at overhauling your subconscious programming. What addictive habits are holding you back from reaching the heights you’ve set your sights on? How do you contribute to your own undoing to validate a negative worldview that mostly holds you back? Sorry for the drag, but you need it. The start of the week has you nestled in the comfort of a close relationship that motivates you to not fully disappear on your friends. While the inclination to leave it all behind is strong this month, you can count on a select few to anchor you to your purpose when life feels too uncertain. The middle of the week brings up issues pertaining to shared resources. Your desire to transform bad habits is deeply connected to matters surrounding intimacy and your own sense of self-worth. The end of the week could see you having a major healing breakthrough. Spend some time studying a topic of interest; you’ll find answers you didn’t know you were looking for.

Aquarius Sun/Aquarius Rising: A social month is ahead of you, Aqua. After spending a month contemplating your next career moves, you’re now out and about and ready to have some fun! At the start of the week, you’re taking a closer look at your workplace and are feeling ready for some big changes. You’re motivated by goals that are empowering you to act on your knowledge and experience. In the middle of the week, your focus is redirected to your close relationships, and as you navigate these interactions, you’re feeling pressured to perform a new and improved version of yourself. Rest in the knowledge that people’s appreciation of you does not hinge on having to constantly outdo yourself. The end of the week has you contemplating issues surrounding shared resources aided by a benevolent Venus that is uprooting your most deeply ingrained bad habits.

Pisces Sun/Pisces Rising: You’re spending Sag season reevaluating your career, Pisces, as your mutable nature is prone to frequent changes in direction. This is a good time to ask yourself, is the path that I’m on still the one that satisfies my evolving ambitions? What changes can I make to better align myself with my goals? The start of the week has you taking inspired action as you’re finding the courage to be vocal about your next steps and that the best course of action is to further educate yourself in a subject that has piqued your interest lately. The middle of the week sees tension that’s pitting your mental and physical health against one another. You’re struggling to resolve some conflicting emotions that are tempting you back into bad habits. Lean into helpful friends whose insight helps you parse out the useful knowledge from the mindless noise. The end of the week brings a breakthrough with regards to your next steps in the career realm. You’re enjoying quality time with a loved one and find much comfort in good company.

-Lara Atallah, @astrolots

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