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Astroscopes: Week of December 13th to December 18th

Astro Vibe of the Week:

The energy is shifting this week as Mercury enters Capricorn on December 14, and with Mars having just ingressed into Sagittarius. The ideas we’re forming and the conversations we’re having will be revisited when Venus begins to backtrack next week. As with all things Capricorn, a lot of these conversations will center on the foundations of our lives and the scale of our goals.

Another noteworthy event is Mars’ arrival to the giddy, free-spirited realm of Sagittarius. The transit starts with a conjunction to the south node, which can have everybody feeling physically tired and sleep-deprived. This will only last a couple of days after which Mars will have us feeling strongly about our opinions and our principles. Seen within the context of the upcoming third Saturn-Uranus square of the season, this could bring about a heightened rejection of authority and a fierce desire to safeguard autonomy.

On December 14, the Venus-Pluto conjunction begins to slightly separate, giving us a moment to recollect. This will sadly be short-lived reprieve, as the retrograde kicks off the 19th, bringing up the conjunction around Christmas time.

With that said, this week has a big “last call to get your ducks in a row” energy before an extra spicy end of year is upon us.

Aries Sun/Aries Rising: We’re conditioned to separate the logical mind from the emotional one but the artificial line drawn between the two doesn’t do us a lot of favors. At the start of this week, you’re learning to balance out how to healthily engage with knowledge without dismissing your emotions. You’re feeling the urge to take on the world and expand limitlessly but Mars’ transit over the south node is mandating rest. Take a pause and take stock of all you’ve learned to declutter your brain from outdated ideas. Doing so will put you in the right mindset to address your goals. What is it that you most crave for your life? What is the legacy you’re building? These questions will be the focus of the next several weeks. When the moon moves into Taurus on the 15th, the universe is keen on boosting your bag, inspiring you to dream as big as you'd like. Careful not to take this boost for granted, and make sure to read the fine print. Chances are, whatever you agree to this week will be revisited over the next month. This doesn’t need to be a bad thing; you can utilize this information to ensure any renegotiation goes your way.

Taurus Sun/ Taurus Rising: Your romantic nature is often cloaked by your serene demeanor that gives the impression of both a grounded and determined individual. But in some cases, this veneer you fall back on is often a ruse to avoid dealing with your fear of losing what you covet. When you search the most hidden corners of your mind, what and who is it that makes the chaos of the world a little more bearable? Perhaps lowering your guards and sharing your fears with those you call family can diminish the sense of dread you keep to yourself. A good way to do that is to start by confiding in a romantic partner or perhaps funnel that energy into a creative endeavor. Nothing is hopeless when it is faced alongside those we trust. Crossing that barrier that is meant to protect you will have you realizing that the boogeyman you’re so worried about is not nearly as powerful as you thought. In the process, you’ll find that your shifting values line you up towards an upgraded definition of home.

Gemini Sun/ Gemini Rising: With your support network carrying you through deep transformations that will be reframing your understanding of relationships, you’re learning to break out of your shell and balance out your individuality with the human need to belong to a group. Nothing exists in a vacuum, and the urge to categorize people is one that you’re being asked to rethink. A lot of this work will have you retreating from view towards the middle of the week to meditate on and sort out these issues. It’s giving Hermit card energy. The inner work you do will catalyze a deep transformation in your intimacy sector that will be unfolding throughout this Venus retrograde. But getting your mind and feelings in order will improve the quality of all your relationships and fortify the foundations they are built on.

Cancer Sun/ Cancer Rising: Your daily life is being overhauled, and work concerns are front and center at the start of this week. You might be revisiting an old workout routine to optimize your frame of mind and approach your next steps from a revitalized place as opposed to a drained one. Your enthusiasm for your goals may be tempered by a need to address concerns within a committed relationship. It would be a good idea to bring up these issues at the start of the week as they can help smooth over any conflicts that will be rearing their head over the next few weeks. The theme of this Venus retrograde will be all about how you relate to others in your one-on-one dynamic, making you one of the main characters of the next couple of months. The end of the week has you retreating to a meditative space where revelations garnered during this quiet time could have you shifting your healing rituals to further align with your path.

Leo Sun/ Leo Rising: Flamboyance and creativity are what make you one of the most interesting characters of the zodiac. And with the sun supercharging that area of your life, you’re eager to create, love, and indulge in the fruits of your labor. Making the act of creation the basis and foundation of your lifestyle is the main driver of the next few weeks. There is movement at your workplace. You’re eager to impress your higher-ups but be careful about overdoing it and coming off a tad too strong. The retrograde presages some reconsiderations in the workplace department. The changes you make to the foundations of your routine at this time will likely stick with you for a long time to come. The end of the week has you feeling social and in the mood to be around the right crowd that will cheer you on as you work on your goals.

Virgo Sun/ Virgo Rising: Known for putting your best foot forward in every endeavor you dive into, much of this season has been about shifting your focus towards your private life. And though having an eye for details is where you excel, much of this week’s energy is about taking a few steps back and assessing the bigger picture. Which way is your compass pointing? And what are the steps you need to take on a micro level to guide yourself and those who depend on you in the direction of your shared goals? At the start of the week, you’re making sure the family budget is balanced, but you could see an old conflict rear its head back head into your household. Changes in lifestyle will help you bring back balance in this area of life. The end of the week has you contemplating your career goals and making sure you’re aligned with your most optimal path.

Libra Sun/ Libra Rising: A mediator and a negotiator, you’re usually the person to run to for unbiased, fair advice. This month however, you’re reconfiguring your approach to communication. In your desire to appease as many parties as possible, you’re coming to the realization that prioritizing people-pleasing over personal boundaries will leave you on the losing end of any conversation. On one hand, talking things out with a partner helps restore balance in some parts of your life. On the other hand, the start of the week proves to be dicey as you’re finding that a lot of arguments you thought had passed are circling back for one more round. The focus quickly shifts to your home and family sector, which will be under the microscope for the next several weeks. You might find yourself saddled with additional financial responsibilities, which could prompt you to seek support from a romantic partner.

Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Rising: With your mind largely on your possessions and your personal values, you’re finding that as your relationship to the things you own and the way you go about acquiring them is shifting, so is your routine. There’s a part of you that is feeling expansive and optimistic but at the start of the week, you’re at risk of indulging in emotional spending. With planets shifting towards the middle of the week, a conversation with a partner plays a pivotal role that sheds light on an ongoing family situation. You could feel inspired to lean into your romantic side and relax by indulging in creative hobbies. As you do so, the end of the week sees you emotionally replenished and feeling more aligned with your path.

Sagittarius Sun/ Sagittarius Rising: As you spend this season reinventing yourself and getting comfortable in the spotlight, you could be attracting more drama into your life with Mars moving into your sign. Careful about being short-tempered and dredging up past arguments where you will be painted as the villain in other people’s stories. With that said, the start of the week has you nurturing the creative facets of your life and possibly spending quality time with a hot date. The mood is sweet, and the conversations are flattering and invigorating. The emphasis quickly shifts towards your personal values, which will be taking up most of your attention over the next several weeks. With your values system being re-examined, the way you speak and how you reflect on your values will be highlighted as well. The end of the week has you focused on partnerships and the quality of the people you surround yourself with to line yourself up with your most optimal path.

Capricorn Sun/Capricorn Rising: Your season of retreat continues, but the start of the week could bring a hidden family matter to the forefront. You’ll find your healing process and sleeping patterns disrupted over the next several weeks. Try as much as you can to prioritize rest even if you’re feeling the impulse to overextend yourself for others. With Mercury entering your sign, you’re starting to get comfortable speaking about yourself and directing your attention towards incorporating what you’ve learned about yourself over the past few weeks to formulate the next chapter of your life—something that you will be revisiting extensively during the Venus retrograde. Mid-week lights up your romance sector and sees you exchanging loving words with a special someone. You could also be feeling the urge to push your creative expression to new levels. As the week wanes, you’re thinking of ways to optimize your lifestyle to better serve your financial goals.

Aquarius Sun/Aquarius Rising: Though friendships have been the main driver of this season, your attention is starting to shift away from your social life and you’re eager to go more inwards. At the start of the week, you’re enjoying heart-to-heart talks with trusted friends that provide a safe space for you to feel vulnerable. This empowers you to switch your focus on healing when Mercury enters Capricorn, asking you to address certain wounds you’ve suppressed. This will set up the stage for the Venus retrograde where mental health and rest will be the emphasis. By the end of the week, you’re feeling empowered to explore your romantic side, and could alternatively find that spending time on hobbies could align you with fated opportunities.

Pisces Sun/Pisces Rising: As you expand your outlook on career matters, you find yourself eager to climb the ladder in a desire to bolster your income. There’s possible trouble at the workplace on the horizon, and a formerly tabled issue might crop back up for a second look, causing some discord. By middle of the week, Mercury’s entry into your friendship sector has you seeking potential work opportunities through your network. It’s possible that you might get offered a job at a former workplace or alternatively go back to working in a field you’d previously moved away from. This scenario and associated themes will unfold over the course of the Venus retrograde. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you’re reading the fine print. By the end of the week, a family matter forces you to go inwards and address hidden wounds that need tending to.

Lara Atallah, @astrolots

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