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Astroscopes: December 6th to December 12th

Astro Vibe of the Week:

With all the deception permeating the air, the week pries open wounds about things we’ve always believed true that ended up holding little to no substance. A veil is being lifted from in front of our eyes now that Neptune has stationed direct.

Among the main aspects to pay close attention to this week is Mercury in Sagittarius’

square to Neptune in Pisces at the Scorpio-ruled 20 degree on December 7th. This is happening alongside an Aquarius moon conjunct Saturn at the Sagittarius-ruled 9 degree before it squares Uranus in Taurus a few hours later. There’s a lot of willful misinformation being communicated to rally people around specific ideologies and ways of being. The tone of that day is serious and trying to coax people into a battle of words around values and resources.

This sets up the stage for the next main event of the week: Venus and Pluto’s first conjunction of the season, which will peak from December 10th to December 12th. Events of that day will light the initial spark that will ripple across the rest of the Venus retrograde set to begin on December 19th. Whatever happens on those days will circle back around Christmas time for another closer look. Expect power plays and heightened manipulation. The foundations of your relationships are being tested at this time. The relationships that survive this period will likely be a part of your life for a long time to come.

On Sunday December 12th, the Aries moon’s conjunction to Chiron adds salt to the wound, joining the Venus-Pluto powwow. When confronting trouble in relationships make sure you’re paying attention to the ways you perceive yourself as your boundaries in the realm of relationships are being thoroughly tested.

Aries Sun/Aries Rising: Always an initiator looking ahead in life, you’ve spent the past year and a half expanding your spirituality and enriching yourself with knowledge that has reshaped your goals. This past weekend’s solar eclipse brought a lot of aha moments, and based on the conclusions drawn from all the lessons you’ve had to learn, you’re thinking about how this acquired knowledge can be applied to reformulate your career. This is something that you will be hyper focused on over the course of this Venus retrograde. And when Venus joins Pluto in your house of ambitions, know that earthquakes are inevitable. The tumultuous energy is forcing you to ask, “How badly do I want this? How far am I willing to go to climb this mountain?” Word to the wise: Nothing can take away your power unless you willfully surrender it. You are the captain of your ship. Whatever doubts or fears may be lurking in your subconscious can be confronted with feet firmly planted in the knowledge you’ve been acquiring. Words are spells. Use them wisely and watch them heal the ways you perceive yourself and present yourself to the world.

Taurus Sun/ Taurus Rising: When push comes to shove, what is it that you truly believe? How much of these beliefs align with traditional systems you’ve been told won’t fail you even though they have? Though you’re not one to welcome change with open arms, the cosmic weather is shifting the tectonic plates beneath your feet with deceptive messages, sowing discord between friends and shared resources. Your principles are radically changing as much of what you hold as inalienable truth is proving to be wrong or simply no longer aligned with the person you’re becoming. When Venus and Pluto connect at the end of the week, you’ll be experiencing the first sparks of an outstretched explosion in which someone around you tests the foundations of your principles to weaponize them against you. Your fixed energy can help you keep your feet grounded in your truth. A wound lodged in your subconscious will emerge at the end of the week, beckoning your attention. Meditation will help you see your way out of the pain. Trust your intuition; it’ll be your most reliable roadmap.

Gemini Sun/ Gemini Rising: To love is to agree to be vulnerable. It requires sharing the hidden parts of yourself with another, fully immersed in the deep waters of emotions, which is something your cerebral self is not particularly fond of. A miscommunication with someone you closely work with can set off a dispute that can be avoided by falling back on established protocol. There’s a lot of deception in the air that a solid routine can help you offset. However, the word of the week-but really of the next several weeks-for you is intimacy. When Venus and Pluto rendezvous in the sky at the end of this week, you will have to lay down the words you often weaponize to safeguard yourself from difficult emotions and let your heart break in however many pieces it needs to. Once the pain settles, let it speak to you freely. Pay close attention to what hurts and how it hurts so you can harness it into a cure. When you feel tempted to lock yourself in your room, know that no one is an island. Your friends can help you see your way out of any foggy situation.

Cancer Sun/ Cancer Rising: For you, love is security‐a sturdy, immovable home base you can fall back on when life gets tiring. Your partner is someone you can count on in all kinds of weather‐omeone who pushes you to be your best self every day of your life. Who do you call when you’re feeling lost at sea? Who’s the one person who can pull you out of the deepest trenches when you’re at war with your routine? There’s a lot of energy infusing the relationship sector of your life. These need not be exclusively romantic in nature. When Venus and Pluto meet up in the sky, a radical change affecting your relationship sector is afoot. Over the next few weeks, you will be forced to reckon with how the answers to these questions are changing, because you, yourself are changing. The ways in which you meet others where they are is shifting based on how you manage —or not— to meet your own needs. There’s tension on the health front. You could be feeling mentally tired from all the heavy energy around you. Careful how you handle communication this week; you will be vulnerable to misinformation. It is best to observe and refrain from taking action. Things are not what they seem.

Leo Sun/ Leo Rising: Your routine is front and center in the coming weeks. Something about a work situation comes to a head and radical changes will need to be made. With Capricorn ruling over the day-to-day life area of your chart, your lifestyle is about to undergo massive upheaval, asking you to mold it all over again from scratch. Wires crossed lead to erratic energy surrounding shared resources and creative endeavors. Your power rests in your ability to take initiative and tap into your natural leader abilities by restructuring your lifestyle and health habits. Wounds surrounding your personal philosophies and relationship to knowledge will have you underestimating your executive decisions. You know a lot more than you realize and you have the power to mold your life as you see it based on that knowledge.

Virgo Sun/ Virgo Rising: The process of creation resembles the tide of the ocean. Inspiration often comes in waves that ebb and flow. Though the inconsistencies are frustrating, being a mutable sign means you can see your way through the fluctuations with more ease than most. And as creativity and enjoyment are tethered to romance and children, Venus’ transit over Pluto will induce a seismic shake-up in that sector that will fully unfurl once the retrograde kicks into high gear. This week can also bring some trouble on the home front with miscommunication involving family and a partner. Be sure not to take words at face value; there’s more to the story than you know. Whatever argument breaks out will likely probe wounds affecting intimacy and shared resources. The best way out of these triggers will be to harness the powerful creative energy to smooth over arguments with a trusted loved one.

Libra Sun/ Libra Rising: Though you always make sure to account for everyone’s perspective and adopt an inclusive approach to all your dealings, your words this week can and will be used against you at your workplace. You’re having some trouble getting your message across clearly, which is giving your haters a run for their money. Make sure you’re speaking in the utmost detail and leave nothing up for interpretation. But know that even with all these precautions in place, you shouldn’t waste any energy on those who are committed to misunderstanding you. With Venus and Pluto meeting up in your home sector, expect some waves around home and family. A catalyst event unfolding at the end of the week will ripple out over the next couple of months, asking you to completely restructure what makes a home for you and who you can truly call family. This process will involve addressing a wound related to partnership and how much you give of yourself to those around you.

Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Rising: As a Plutonian, every word you speak and every action you perform is infused with immense power that tends to make you an acquired taste to the fainthearted. But the key to harnessing the abundance that Pluto can bring lies in accepting and mastering its cataclysms responsibly. This week, with words constantly at the tip of your tongue, there’s a deep dissatisfaction with your surroundings that is brewing. Your words are cutting, and Venus and Pluto are making you rethink all matters concerning communication and siblings. This area will be undergoing a life-altering transformation over the course of the next few months. The way you speak now holds the key to accessing the abundance you so crave that will afford you the life of leisure and creativity you aspire to more than you let others know.

Sagittarius Sun/ Sagittarius Rising: Your sun continues to shine bright, but the main character energy comes with pitfalls. This week you seem to be at the center of battles in your family that should not be concerning you, but somehow here we are. Try to divest yourself from conversations that are coaxing you into taking sides in battles you have no connection to. Your focus over the next few weeks is on redefining what it is that you value and how you go about acquiring the tools necessary to sustain yourself in the ways that are most satisfying. Venus and Pluto meet up in your house of personal resources, and while on one hand this means heightened attention on your budget and personal finances, the deeper meaning of the second house concerns questions surrounding self-worth. Some of this could be catalyzed by an event that pricks a wound in the romance sector. Rejection from others should never be an assessment of your right to be loved. Rethink and reformulate your values and watch how the landscape around you changesfrom the people you meet to the opportunities that come your way. Anything is possible so long as you value yourself and know you deserve what you covet.

Capricorn Sun/Capricorn Rising: The hermit life is growing on you as you find much power in your ability to operate hidden from prying eyes. While some may think you have retreated, you’ve taken on the role of active observer who sees all, knows all, but doesn’t say much. Though silence can be regenerative in the peace that it brings you, too much seclusion and isolation can also lull you into illusions that aren’t fully grounded. This is especially true when you realize that the way you’re speaking on issues could be coming from a place of projections. Venus and Pluto’s link up among the stars forces you to reinvent yourself from the bottom up. You’ll be going into this retrograde as someone, and coming out of it a whole other person. You might find at that time that people project a lot of their own insecurities on you. Try not to get phased by this behavior and focus on reshaping yourself on the molecular level. Know that some that work will require facing wounds surrounding family and ancestral trauma. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel so long as you stay the course.

Aquarius Sun/Aquarius Rising: As the class genius singled out for your original ideas, you’ll find that this week is asking you to remove yourself from view and retreat inwards to address the profound changes taking place on the subconscious level. You’re feeling frustrated by your inner circle of friends. Misunderstandings are making you question whether the people you surround yourself with are truly aligned with your values. Though your inclination is towards community, the Venus-Pluto conjunction this week is forcing you to go inward. You will be experiencing one of the most radical shifts in perspective over the next couple of months, as the inner work and healing you do will cause you to break away from many sources of self-undoing. In the process of doing that work, you’ll also find that you’ve tended to speak from a wounded place and will have a chance to heal that wound.

Pisces Sun/Pisces Rising: Do you always know who to call when things go south? Is there a dedicated support group you can fall back on when you’re feeling lost? If not, where do you find that and how do you create and sustain it? Though mostly a loner, community is of great importance to you and will be the main thing on your mind over the next few weeks. Venus’ conjunction to Pluto constitutes a cataclysmic event affecting your network is forcing you to take several steps back and wonder who’s got your back, and who would you do best to part ways with? In a season that is emphasizing your public life, you’re also dealing with confusing energy that has you unsure how to position your goals and ambitions with your authenticity. A return to self becomes imperative here. Sunday highlights a need to address wounds surrounding self-worth.

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