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Astroscopes: December 27th, 2021 to January 2nd, 2022

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Astro Vibe of the Week:

Happy holidays, everyone! As we’re getting ready to wrap up 2021 and launch into 2022, there are quite a few transits to take note of.

The Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto transit is still fully active and prompting a deep reconsideration and transformation of the basis of our relationships and value systems. While Pluto does a dramatic, irrevocable sweep of any excess that simply has no place in your life anymore, the pain it leaves in its wake can be devastating. Rest in the comfort that whatever Pluto destroys is only to make space for a rebirth that is ultimately in your best interest.

December 28 looks particularly intense with the Libra moon squaring Pluto and Venus. The latter pair will also be conjunct Mercury, indicating a strong possibility of communication with an ex. Careful with Pluto in this mix; words exchanged on that day will likely carry a lot of weight meant to manipulate the other party into a peace agreement that is not premised on good faith. This energy could however be utilized to sever any harmful bonds more definitively.

In brighter news, this week sees Jupiter’s ingress back in Pisces where it has dignity. With a strong Jupiter decoupled from Saturn, it’ll feel easier in 2022 to expand on ambitions and dreams without feeling as held back by Saturn.

On January 2, the Capricorn new moon marks what I’d consider to be the energetic start of the new year. Happening within the larger context of a Venus retrograde in Capricorn, this is a good opportunity to set intentions based on the realizations we’ve had during this retrograde.

Aries Sun/Aries Rising: It’s been a year of finding your tribe, people you can call chosen family and expanding your definition of friendships. With Jupiter co-present with Saturn, that has meant building a strong foundation for community which at times meant cutting people out. As you move into 2022, Saturn remains in that area of life asking you to strengthen the foundations of your new and still evolving circle of friends. Meanwhile, Jupiter pushes you to embark on a chapter dedicated to expanding your spirituality and diving deep in the world of dreams, intuitions, and things unseen. With the North Node moving into your area of personal resources, matters of income and financial stability will be front and center over the next 18 months, as will themes surrounding self-worth. Sunday’s Capricorn new moon marks a new chapter in your career sector, which has been heavily on your mind during this Venus retrograde.

Taurus Sun/ Taurus Rising: This year brought a lot of changes on the career front. You’ve had to rethink your goals and consider your long-term vision and ask yourself what is it that you truly want and what is the legacy that you’re leaving behind. With Jupiter no longer co-present with Saturn in the career sector of your chart, the coming year will be about committing to establishing a structure and staying disciplined with your goals. Jupiter will be blessing you with an expanded network of friends and peers you can lean on as you continue laying the foundations of your legacy. Sunday’s Capricorn new moon is marking a new chapter connected to the Venus retrograde. Your energetic start of the year will be about establishing new foundations for principles and ideals you will be building over the next phase of your life.

Gemini Sun/ Gemini Rising: You’ve had to revise your approach to the world this year. By expanding the foundations of your knowledge and reshaping your principles accordingly, you are now entering a year where your focus is turning towards your career and goals. As you experience tremendous growth in that area of life, Saturn still in your house of higher knowledge is urging you to stay committed to furthering your skills by making studying a part of your lifestyle. Meanwhile, Jupiter is gracing your career and public image sector. This year could see you rise to a prominent leadership position or garner awards for a performance. With the Taurus North Node moving into your 12H, much of the next 18 months will be focused on spiritual growth and deep healing. The new moon on January 2 marks a new beginning within the Venus retrograde chapter concerning shared values and responsibilities.

Cancer Sun/ Cancer Rising: This year has been a transformative one, pushing you out of your comfort zone and into embracing your shadow side. You’ve spent 2021 strengthening the bridge between intimacy and shared resources. And as Saturn continues its sojourn there for another year and change, Jupiter is now moving into your sector of higher education and international travel. You could feel the urge to go back to school next year or could just book a ticket to a place you’ve never been before. With the Taurus North Node settling in your networking sector, you’ll find a lot of lucrative opportunities come to you by way of friends and community. Sunday’s Capricorn new moon marks a new beginning in relationships within the umbrella of this Venus retrograde. This is agood opportunity to set intentions in that area of life based on the realizations garnered during this transit.

Leo Sun/ Leo Rising: As you close off this year, lessons around committed partnerships. Used to having the spotlight for yourself, this phase of your life has been all about approaching life through nurturing relationships and seeing things from someone else's perspective. As Jupiter moves into Pisces this week, you will be furthering what you’ve already built by dipping your toe further into the deep waters of intimacy and transforming your approach to shared values. January 2, the new moon signals a new beginning within this Venus retrograde cycle where you’re rethinking the values that shape your day-to-day life. Transforming your routine and lifestyle at this time will be essential to strengthening your relationships.

Virgo Sun/ Virgo Rising: Your routine and health have undergone major shifts this year. You could’ve started a new diet, workout regimen, or expanded within your job field. While Saturn will be remaining in that area of your life for another 15 months asking you to strengthen your foundations and put in the time, effort, and commitment to reach the goals you’ve set out for yourself, Jupiter is now moving into your partnership sector, bringing abundance through relationships of all kinds. The January 2 new moon marks a new beginning within this Venus retrograde where you’re drawing the roadmap that will form the foundations of your romantic and creative lives. With the North Node having moved into Taurus, this could also signal international expansion.

Libra Sun/ Libra Rising: This year was suffused with the idealism that comes with the creative process. You could’ve gone all in on a creative endeavor or could have seen things heat up in the romance sector of your life. As Jupiter now moves into the lifestyle and routine area of your life leaving Saturn in your romance sector, you will need to commit to the seeds you planted while building a lifestyle that accommodates the foundations you’re laying for your romance or project. As the North Node slides into Taurus, lessons surrounding shared values and resources will strengthen your commitment to your craft. This week’s Capricorn new moon marks a new beginning on the home and family front, which has been under the microscope during this Venus Retrograde.

Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Rising: So much has revolved around finding home and building a solid foundation for yourself. You might’ve gone through ups and downs with your family but as you move into 2022, a lot of your focus will be shifting towards romance and creating something with that special someone whom you may have already met or could be meeting soon! For the next 18 months, the North Node is asking you to recommit to your growth and learn how to strike a balance between being your own person and sharing yourself with another. This week’s new moon marks a new chapter around communication and siblings with the grander context of this Venus retrograde, offering a good opportunity to set intentions around harnessing the power of your words in order to have them align with your goals and ambitions.

Sagittarius Sun/ Sagittarius Rising: Ever the fountain of wisdom, you’ve spent this year tapping into the magic of words and learning how the nuances of language can propel you to new heights and strengthen your presence in the world. While Saturn continues to solidify the parameters of your communication, Jupiter goes on to expand your home and family life. You could be moving to a new house or welcoming a new member into your family this year. The North Node’s ingress in Taurus signifies a time of growth in your lifestyle and routine sector. You could be changing jobs or starting a new workout regimen that will evolve and grow over the next year and a half. Sunday’s Capricorn new moon points to a new beginning in the realm of personal values, which you have been thoroughly re-examining during this Venus retrograde.

Capricorn Sun/Capricorn Rising: This past year has been about rethinking your relationship to personal resources and possessions, but also the ways in which you value yourself and show up for yourself accordingly. In 2022, Saturn will be remaining in this area of your life, asking you to make financial decisions that will set the foundation for long-term rewards and success, provided you play your cards right. Jupiter will be gracing your house of communication and short-distance travel. This will be a great year for writing, speaking, and possibly even teaching. The ways in which you expand on your communication are bound to grow your personal resources. With the North Node moving into your romance and creativity sector, it looks like you will be focused on churning out a new project over the next 18 months or starting a new romance. Sunday’s new moon brings epiphanies regarding how you approach the world, something that you have been thoroughly reviewing during this Venus retrograde.

Aquarius Sun/Aquarius Rising: You’ve been undergoing a radical identity shift this year with both Jupiter and Saturn restructuring your personal foundation. This week, as Jupiter begins to journey across your second house of personal resources and self-worth, the big theme for 2022 will be about strengthening your approach to the world, which will feed into an expanded sense of self-worth, and as a result, increased abundance! The North Node’s ingress in Taurus speaks to focusing on value systems surrounding home and family over the next 18 months. Sunday’s new moon in Capricorn marks the beginning of a new chapter surrounding spirituality and mental health, which has been the larger theme of your Venus retrograde.

Pisces Sun/Pisces Rising: Though spiritually inclined by nature this year, you’ve had to expand and recommit to a spiritual practice without which you could’ve been feeling a little lost at sea. With Saturn continuing to expose karma, hidden layers of yourself, urging you to be disciplined with your healing and meditation, Jupiter will be moving on to your 1H, making you the star of 2022. You should be experiencing a lot of exciting growth next year, but make sure you’re prioritizing rest and meditation. With the North Node moving into Taurus, you could see heightened activity in your short-distance travel and sibling sector. Sunday’s new moon paves the way for a new beginning in the realm of groups and friendships, which has been under the microscope for you throughout this Venus retrograde.

Lara Atallah, @astrolots

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